Let’s elevate Tribe,

We are beginning our Friday night stair tradition Tribe! Time to beat the cold snap and put some health currency in the bank for Autumn and winter. There are some stellar stair complexes i have explored over the summer and I am so excited to share their value with you.

Once football season kicks into high gear we will be sure to link stairwells with key matches in the sound. We shall also always factor in a healthy replenishment as well. No reason putting in so much work only to donate it back to that stadium concession stand. All in all this is an opportunity to get a jump on the weekend and enjoy health in healthy company. Encouragement and commitment come with community so let us be the best at both. Please feel free to bring a fellow healthy Hueman to sweat into their ultimate manifestation.


 810 E Howe St, Seattle, WA 98102

AUG 23rd & 30th


Bring a hydra flask

Upon completion of the workout we will run to our post workout nosh location in the S.L.U. area at a nice aerobic pace. 55%-65% of our max HR.


 208 Westlake Ave N, Seattle, WA 98109

Come flow with me

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