Top Tier Greetings Hueman Tribe,

               The path to our ultimate manifestation is right in front of us. Our best self. Our greatest version. It lies within our next set of decisions. How will you take advantage of the life you have? We must remember that in this life there is no such thing as stagnation or continuity. There will always be progress in this world around us. So, even if we are not running into the negative, we will find ourselves losing ground against those who are steadily progressing. Elevation is upward integration of mind, body and spirit. Through nutrition, fitness and lifestyle we can generate longevity and love of self.

               I am here to share with you the power we can harness and apply by making some valiant changes guided by impervious facts. As Thee Healthy Hueman I take great pride in the responsibility of sharing with you that which has been most impactful on my journey to creating this path to productivity and holistic happiness. From dietary approaches to fitness myths and masterstrokes, I will be sharing how we can define and determine what will be most beneficial to us. It is vital that we be here for one another to facilitate the best of interactions and social decision making in order to generate a holistic view and approach. What we involve ourselves in individually or collectively can be a major determining factor in our decision-making process. We must attain a mental strength and resilience by becoming connected with that and those who will propel us toward the pinnacle of our maturation. We are all so different and to believe and live by that truth will save us so much time and pain. I am here to support, guide and advise in a Brotherly manner because at the end of the day we are in this world to succeed together.

               Please tune in on Tuesday mornings at 10:30am to The Hueman Health Show on . Catch up on My energetic being is eager to hit the road with you during your commute; to accompany you on the trail as you get out into nature; encourage you in the gym to give you a boost as you drive to the top of your abilities. It is my goal to inspire, enlighten and pique your interest on the ideals of the most productive individuals and societies and to make the connections on how to apply such teachings. By the Will of the Great Creator, I send you invitations with good energy and positive vibrations for our journey to ultimate manifestation. Ase.


Reach out! Connect! Elevate!

Stay peaceful, remain vigilant. Love your skin and what is within.

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