Friday Night Flights

Howe street Stairs



Bring a hydra flask

Back at it hard at Howe! A proper place to take advantage of a sheltered complex for sweating. Rain or shine every Friday Evening come and take advantage of the opportunity to get some free guidance and training in an encouraging and upbeat environment. We will begin with a deep breathing exercise, acknowledgements and affirmations. After that we will embark upon our cross-training ascent. Stairs, battle ropes, kettlebells and motivation. No better way to end the week than by achieving a champion’s challenge.

If you stay too far to make it home to shower then please pack a clean towel and set of clothes to make yourself comfortable for the remainder of the evening. We can agree on a flavor of food after our workout or head to a local favorite of mine in the area. There is a local stadium that hosts H.S. Football as well as many venues that offer opportunities for dialogue, fun and games.


If you have children who enjoy being active then please bring them to the workout and allow them to be involved in your personal elevation. Show them the route to health as your traverse it to your best self. Bring your friend. Bring your parents who show their friends how to outpace their pacemakers. Let’s create a community that we can all lean into at the end of the work week that invigorates and refreshes our systems for the weekend.

Fitness, Friends & Food! Let’s elevate Tribe!

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