Humpday Pumpday

           Morning MetCon at Coulon beach in the mornings with me! Zeke.

Come and activate your mid-week manifestation with some healthy ion exchange next to the crashing waves of Lake Washington. Early to bed and early to rise will make you healthy wealthy and wise. Let us compound one with the other and ensure our outcome is satisfactory. Together! “Humpday Pumpday” is your day to own your ascent to the next level of SuperHueman Strata.

           Come down and pump up the middle of your work week with a plyometrics, cardio and calisthenics program that any level of experience can benefit from.

 As always, we will begin our elevation with:

  • Deep breathing and mindfulness exercises
  • Followed by our affirmations and acknowledgements. (These practices are foundational in our engagement with movement.)
  • We will flow from station to station to encourage that early morning metabolic activation we all require.
  • No equipment is necessary, just be sure to bring a form of hydration, running shoes and your aspirations to better yourself.

October 16th – November 6th

Wednesdays {Weather Permitting}


Gene Coulon Beach Park

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