Lyrically We Stand

Top Tier Greetings of loose leaf and expression. Photonic energy from the inner me to all of You.

No applause is due. Though snaps will always echo louder than claps.

Give your toes a tap if the rhythm and the rhyme cause that kundalini to climb.

All love! No hate. Pure passion without the pump fake.

We are gathered on colonized land so for all who are oppressed and the indigenous peoples,

Lyrically We Stand!

Welcome to my world of wonderous words and talents. Produced and broadcast on RainierAvenueRadio.World by Chedda Chad. Available in app format for both IOS and AOS platforms. Yours truly hosts this powerful microphone showcase from the Speaker’s Sofa in the Lyrical Lounge at the Art of Soul Gallery located on the southside region of the northwest section. Come and get a prime dose of spiced spoken words, classy comedy, live interviews of rising wavemakers and a vibe that is so fine.

Every third Thursday you can catch us live and direct at 8p on whatever platform you choose.

Stream us on the net, through our app or even of Facebook. Stay connected to see who will be gracing the stage and vibin’ on the sofa with me, Zulu Zeke.


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