Melanin In The Mountains

Peace in Power my Tribe,

It brings a chorus of songbirds and solar rays bursting from my chest to launch something so impactful from my journey to my healthiest whole self. “Melanin In The Mountains” has been established for any and every marginalized, oppressed, enslaved, war torn, colonized individual who has been separated from their roots. It is my true belief that we as huemans require balance and the only way we can create that balance within ourselves is to remove our socially donned armor. To become the hueman we were born to be. The fulfiller of our destiny and the bringer of our own elevation. Nature roots you. No pun intended. We need, more than any other being on this planet, to connect ourselves with something outside of ourselves. We need to allow our senses to be refreshed and cleansed. My deepest ambition is to open the doors to the limitless access we have to this instant therapy.

Opening, cleansing and balancing my root chakra also known as the Muladhara has allowed me to fully ground myself in my ultimate potential. By leaving the concrete mazes of King County in the rearview mirror before the sunrises I gain a sense of detachment that for once has a positive connotation. No smog, no sirens, no second glances at my blackness or my Afrikan Piercings. Nope. None of the above. For in nature I am free of all casted doubts, shadows and stereotypes. On trail I am as my ancestors were:  In sync with Mother Earth and with The Creator. There is no rival to the sense of existence that one finds through the bliss that is nature. It is natural to be drawn to what heals and comforts us. We have to stop running away from who we are in the mindset that we are going to achieve some fixed image of a hyperhueman in singularity.

Take it easy. Slow down.

Breathe deeply & Enjoy the sounds.

As the leader of this group I take full pleasure in seeking short and extended excursions all throughout the Pacific Northwest (PNW) to expand your view of nature. Hiking, camping, backpacking, game nights, trip planning and other recreational trips will keep our bonds linked tightly and our thirst for adventure quenched.

I genuinely hope to be a catalyst on your journey to discovering how great it feels to indulge in your huemanness. Take a deep breath and get ahead of the curve by gathering up your ten essentials and come and join my Meetup group to get involved directly with the Tribe.

Melanin in the Mountains ◇☆21y-35y☆◇

Seattle, WA
41 Melaneers

Top Tier Greetings my young healthy huemans! It is my great pleasure to introduce to you all: “Melanin in the mountains”. A PNW spin on the foundational people of color outdoo…

Next Meetup

Inaugural M.I.M. Rattlesnake Ridge Hike

Saturday, Feb 1, 2020, 8:00 AM
11 Attending

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Z.Y. Khali aka Harold Tubman

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