Have you ever rolled into the week with a case of the Mondays? With the weight of the world on your shoulders and the entire solar system as your weekly’s opponent? I am here to reassure you that you are not alone. We all battle the 168 hour/wk clock. It is a non stop battle to be our best selves and it is this fact that has catalyzed this short segment series of “Make Ir Happen Monday”. For us Huemans dedicated to the heavy work of recalibrating Spaceship Mother Earth  for generations to come.

Brought to you before you meet your day so you can thrive before the sun rays reach you. These are my personal lessons that I am sharing. These are not my professionally edited takes of perfect life and prosperity… how in the galaxy would that benefit you, in your everyday life, at the moment you’re being pressed to the limits psychologically, emotionally, financially? Life is real and wisdom needs no makeup to make it appealing.

Join me weekly, apply what I am conveying and witness your ascent to your finest form. I await your comments and discussion points in the coming mondays.

Until then stay active and make it happen.



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