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Zeke Khali here, Thee Healthy Hueman on a mission to return Huemanity to its roots of natural health and wellbeing. As Huemans we are built to maneuver and manipulate-hoist, lift, carry, climb, pull & push, throw, jump, run, squat, crawl, etc.. Children have a firm grasp on this and it is my belief that by maximizing that fledgling stage of movement we optimize the adult stage of their life psychologically, physically, socially. As a multi-sport athlete even early into college I was unaware of how far removed I was from solid knowledge on how the body worked. That lack of information catalyzed my passionate journey to understanding the best way to live a holistically healthy life. As an Elite Trainer (CFT, CNS, GFS, YFT) graduate of International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA) I choose to apply my superpowers of energy, wisdom, empathy and compassion on the small group level to keep the intimacy value pure. My passion to build a better world is manifested through my Sand Steel and Summits (all male 8-person cohort) andragogy and my (12 student coed youth groups grades 6-12) Captain’s Academy & Coalition.

I love to share space with others who are committed to a stronger and more capable tomorrow within themselves and their communities. The combination of being born in The PNW and with a deep-set ambition to explore and compete have led me to some pretty exhilarating hobbies and involvements. Currently I am trail race athlete, Obstacle Course racer, amateur motorsport competitor and wilderness guide. I host my own radio show that covers friends, food and fitness. My passions for new adventures and knowledge have no cap. I hope you come out to elevate with me so that, together, we can save this world and be the changes we wish to see.

I am currently certified in five different specialties for physical health and wellness – Certified Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Specialist, Youth Fitness Trainer, Corrective Exercise Specialist and Certified Nutrition Specialist as well as CPR/AED and first aid trained.

Z.Y. Khali
Angel’s Landing, Zion National Park, 2019

“Love your skin and what’s within”

Zeke Khali, Wholistic Performance Enhancement Specialist

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