My Good Food Friends – 
In my World, HUMAN is so dull and generic, I spell it HUEMAN… for ALL OF OUR HUES!


The Organic Industry has done many wonderful things for People & Planet but is still missing a vital audience.  There is a lack of diversity, inclusion, representation and participation by People of Color. 

It’s so easy to remedy that I don’t know why there’s such a troubling lack of diversity and inclusion in the Organic Industry which, after all, claims to be very progressive, open, authentic and transparent

Why the need for diversity and inclusion: An overlooked Market Segment, new Entrepreneurs of Color entering the Organic space and for the good health of all.   

The Organic Marketing Association is where a lot of Companies/Groups/Associations would like to be.   

We here at The Organic Marketing Association are diverse, inclusive, happy and havin’ fun talking, living, singing and sharing The Organic Good Food News.  

We’re going to give a reason for People and Businesses of Color to become engaged participants. 

Using The Organic Marketing Association’s positive experiences, we can help to solve the longstanding lack of diversity and inclusion in our Industry.  We think inclusion is even more important that just diversity as inclusion indicates invitation, a welcoming.  A Company can be diverse but not inclusive where ideas, opinions and backgrounds are valued. 

Plans and outlines are only lines on paper until the soil is tilled and cared for by hands of love.  So, join with The Organic Marketing Association and start the planting.  

Who’s Zeke Khali? 

Through honorable and relatable stories, I want to help our Organic Industry get to where it should be by being an example of the good health and joy for life that making Organic Good Food Choices leads to.  With open arms I want to demonstrate to People of Color that they are wanted in and are genuinely invited to join with us on this wonderful journey of life. 

You surely are asking, “Why does this guy want to be a part of The Organic Marketing Association?” I am not an employee of the OMA. I am a real Hueman who has a tribe that was derived from similar vibes. Our OMA Team of Specialists are collaborators on your behalf, here to bring the fun and fulfillment to others of the lifestyle decisions we have made, making them relatable and sustainable.  In addition to just enjoying my role as The Fitness Influencer, I am here to give my full attention to the ignored and underserved market shares that look, sound, assess, stress, laugh, learn and speak like me. 

Again, look at me. This time I mean my skin color.  

I am intentionally giving you advice when speaking to a marginalized market: Be genuine and develop rapport through educating yourself on how to connect to your fellow Huemans.  Access to the Organic Good Food Lifestyle is an obstacle course race for men and women whose skin resembles milk chocolate, coffee and butter toffee.  

Leading by example has always been a bountiful way to generate the belief and conviction of something new or previously discounted.  So, I am loving the joy I get in life to be able to be that beacon of light in the Organic wellness world.  After all these decades I believe it is time for you to try a new flavor on the block. Because when you change how other people relate to your food, you change their lives and your bottom lines, too. And that’s a fact. 

As The Organic Marketing Association’s Fitness Influencer, I am constantly out on the trails … 

… and engaged in multiple fitness modalities a day … 

I am always focused on how underrepresented People of Color are in the Organic Good Food scope of marketing and education … a missed market opportunity.  I am dedicated to bringing balance to that unfortunate reality.  

More often than not, the messenger is the message.  It’s simply good ol’ fashioned leading by example.  People of Color have to see one of their own who’s excited and elevated, enjoying the benefits of Organic Good Foods and the camaraderie of a true Hueman Community.  A smiling, healthy and joyous Black face sharing real stories and space for the Organic friends who vie for full inclusion for all. 

The Organic Marketing Association is flipping the script to the fun and inviting side of the narrative, of the story.  Safe to say that a pitch of cordial comedy that is convincing and shows you care will get you a lot further than the current avoid/scare tactics practiced by the Organic industry. 

So, let me ask you this: When was the last time you associated fun with all of those aspects of health?  Wouldn’t it be a more enjoyable journey to your best self with laughs and pizazz at every stop?  All Organic Good Food fun for you and your loved ones? Now if that doesn’t make you say give me two scoops of those life changing Organic Good Foods, I’m not sure what will. 

With High-vibe Personal Appearances, Product, Storyline and Behavior Placements, let’s INVITE the larger community to share Organic Good Food.  

O’s UP! 

Zeke Khali 

Love your skin and what’s within” 

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