Hueman Infusions – A class to elevate your coffee at home

Did COVID keeping you away from your favorite coffee shop? Do you wish you could make your own coffee with all the flavors you enjoy? Do you want more from your daily cup o’ joe – like a brain boost or an extra kick for your workout?

My new class – Hueman Infusions – will teach you how to transform the coffee you’re making at home into the best cup you’ve ever had…one even your favorite coffee shop can’t match. Learn about the origins of beans and their flavor profiles, flavor combinations using spice pairings from around the world, and why sea moss (yes, sea moss) is one of the best additions to your daily nutrient intake.

This 55-minute class is only $24 and will get you on your way to Flavor-town.

Buy the class for only $24 to access exclusive content.

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