My intentions are to guide , assist and encourage my clients, organizations and communities to transcend and elevate into their most vibrant forms. I strive to help them achieve their full potential through dialogue, introspection, collaboration and compassionate action around food, fitness and fraternization. By synchronizing your goals with your mental, physical and social capacities you will be able to adhere to a uniquely tailored program built to generate consistent progress.

What The World Is Saying About The Healthy Hueman LLC

I would highly recommend Mwalimu Khali for the position of Community Wellness Coordinator in your village. He is committed to his community and is always looking for ways to support the people around him. I know him to be trustworthy, reliable, and easy-going. Get him before your neighboring village does.

Natalie Curtis, Fred Hutch Community Relations

Whether working one-on-one with clients, young people, or with corporate departments and organizations, Zeke can find a personalized and motivating path to health and wellness for just about anyone. His knowledge about food/nutrition–even the chemical make-up of food, how it can be used to achieve specific goals, when to eat foods for maximum benefit, how food and nutrition can change your physical and mental health, and more–is impressive.

Kipepeo Brown, CCO Strategies 360

What stood out to me most about the workshop was the way he engaged with our students honestly and authentically. What really attests to this is the way I saw some students speak up about topics that they were clearly passionate about in a way we had not seen yet over the course of our four-year program. We would absolutely recommend Zeke to youth spaces and honestly to all age groups! As staff I know that we learned so much and were able to build on our relationships with the youth in the program!

Jude Ahmed, ACE Program Manager

Let’s build something together.

Just 4 months after breaking my foot and severely spraining my ankle I became the strongest testament to my own coaching philosophies.
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    Top Tier Greetings, I often hear myself internally chanting the motto, “Pedal for progress” whenever faced with a sour situation out on my bike. Other times when a uniquely friendly bunch of riders, wave and give salutations in my direction, I’ll swing the chant their way with a smile. You know – The Healthy HuemanContinue…

  • SuperSapiens Supersport Camp

    SuperSapiens Supersport Camp


  • Hueman Reincarnation

    Hueman Reincarnation

    Your journey to absolute elevation in all areas of Hueman existence is a 10-week process of undeniable progress. Before you invest in another gym membership or wellness retreat invest in your approach to being a healthy Hueman. Once you understand how it feels to be your most energized and resilient self you will not loseContinue…

  • Hueman Infusions – A class to elevate your coffee at home

    Hueman Infusions – A class to elevate your coffee at home

    My new class – Hueman Infusions – will teach you how to transform the coffee you’re making at home into the best cup you’ve ever had

  • Sand, Steel and Summits

    Sand, Steel and Summits

    This is a path that’s completely different than the templated three-day conferences and weekend boot camps. Sand, Steel and Summits is a 14-week, longitudinal program designed specifically for men.

  • YOU are WORTH it!

    YOU are WORTH it!

    Peace and blessings, After my last episode of “The Hueman Health Show” I felt I needed to do more for all of us who have had traumatic experiences and mental health imbalances. I feel we are blessed with gifts by The Creator and those talents are to be spent in 3 ways. To care forContinue…

  • Getting your employer to work for YOU!

    Getting your employer to work for YOU!

    Let me say a quick “Top Tier Gretings” and introduce myself so you know why I’m writing to you in the first place. I’m Zeke Khali, The Healthy Hueman, and I’m checking in about your focus on you.  I help people bridge the gap between their current state and who they can become as their bestContinue…

  • The Potent Benefits of a Morning Walk Around Your Neighborhood

    The Potent Benefits of a Morning Walk Around Your Neighborhood

    Top Tier Greetings My Tribe, Stright to it then with three amazingly potent, easily attainable, life improving benefits. Builds a strong, healthy morning ritual that works on multiple fronts-physical, mental and emotional. PHYSICALLY you are getting your body moving Tribe! How awesome is that? circulating fresh blood that is intermingling with the crisp air (tryContinue…

  • The Stoplight Approach to a Healthier Existence

    The Stoplight Approach to a Healthier Existence

    I know that you know I don’t do the diet preaching. Fact teaching with entertainment is much more fun. With that in mind, in my fact compiling and applying over the past year, I have found that color is significant to a higher vibration–not just mentally but physiologically. Above all else, food is information, notContinue…

  • 3 Ways to Improve or Maintain Your Fitness Under “Stay at Home Measures”

    3 Ways to Improve or Maintain Your Fitness Under “Stay at Home Measures”

    As we are undoubtedly already spending more hours in front of a screen than yours truly would approve of, I will not keep you here long. We are in a span of time right now that requires grit and self-motivation to, at the very least, remain level with what our previous state was prior toContinue…

  • Homefront H.I.I.T. Amidst a Pandemic

    Homefront H.I.I.T. Amidst a Pandemic

    Yes indeed, we are all feeling the effects of being indoors more often than usual. It is important to understand that movement is one of the best medicines we can implement. It has a vast array of positive affects on the immune system. In times where health and infection are in the forefront of theContinue…

  • Hueman Infusions: Pumpkin Maca Latte

    Hueman Infusions: Pumpkin Maca Latte

    The surprise and shock I got when I found out that pumpkin was a valued staple in the Asian Heritage Diet was nothing to the thrill of universal synchronicity when I uncovered the roots of the elements of pumpkin spice. https://oldwayspt.org/system/files/atoms/files/ASIAN-CommonFoods.pdf It is my great pleasure to rock your world and let you know thatContinue…

  • Staying Internally Balanced Begins with Our Hydration

    Staying Internally Balanced Begins with Our Hydration

    Fluid balance To remain well-hydrated one must actively be aware of their total fluid balance. Yes, water is important. Indeed sodium is important. But how much am I supposed to take in and when? Or what about potassium? Having well-hydrated cells allows them to communicate and respirate effectively, provides lubrication and cushioning of vital systemsContinue…

  • Core Check & Check In

    Core Check & Check In

    Top Tier Greetings, Long time hailing from the PNW with a drive to achieve the best in the moment. Being a healthy hueman can appear overwhelming these days. However, I am an avid believer of bettering my baselines with the basics. Sure, we could go into some fresh and trending workouts to get your powerContinue…

  • Let’s make this world better, together!

    Let’s make this world better, together!

    Download my professional portfolio today to see how we can help you reach your highest Hueman goals.