My intentions are to guide , assist and encourage my clients, organizations and communities to transcend and elevate into their most vibrant forms. I strive to help them achieve their full potential through dialogue, introspection, collaboration and compassionate action around food, fitness and fraternization. By synchronizing your goals with your mental, physical and social capacities you will be able to adhere to a uniquely tailored program built to generate consistent progress.

What The World Is Saying About The Healthy Hueman LLC

I would highly recommend Mwalimu Khali for the position of Community Wellness Coordinator in your village. He is committed to his community and is always looking for ways to support the people around him. I know him to be trustworthy, reliable, and easy-going. Get him before your neighboring village does.

Natalie Curtis, Fred Hutch Community Relations

Whether working one-on-one with clients, young people, or with corporate departments and organizations, Zeke can find a personalized and motivating path to health and wellness for just about anyone. His knowledge about food/nutrition–even the chemical make-up of food, how it can be used to achieve specific goals, when to eat foods for maximum benefit, how food and nutrition can change your physical and mental health, and more–is impressive.

Kipepeo Brown, CCO Strategies 360

What stood out to me most about the workshop was the way he engaged with our students honestly and authentically. What really attests to this is the way I saw some students speak up about topics that they were clearly passionate about in a way we had not seen yet over the course of our four-year program. We would absolutely recommend Zeke to youth spaces and honestly to all age groups! As staff I know that we learned so much and were able to build on our relationships with the youth in the program!

Jude Ahmed, ACE Program Manager

Let’s build something together.

Just 4 months after breaking my foot and severely spraining my ankle I became the strongest testament to my own coaching philosophies.
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