Sand, Steel and Summits

I’m Zeke Khali, The Healthy Hueman!

Peace and Prosperity fellow Huemans

There’s something we have in common… If you’ve had that feeling like there is something you want out of life but can’t quite get? Or do you want to figure out how to set your life up to compete at the highest level—whether that’s actually achieving your earning potential or maybe outpacing your peers?

I’d like to share something new with you; a path that’s completely different than the templated three-day conferences and weekend boot camps. Sand, Steel and Summits is a 14-week, longitudinal program designed specifically for men.

What does Sand, Steel and Summits’ program look like? It’s three days a week for 14 weeks. Each participant is part of a small, dedicated eight-man cohort. The program includes one-on-one guidance, in-person group activities, guided study and catalytic coursework, travel to some of the most beautiful local destinations in nature, and most importantly, scheduled time for you to focus on you!

The only difference between your current self and the SuperHueman you’ll be in the future is the dedication and belief that you are more than ordinary—that you are worth it. You owe you. And those who invest heavily in themselves find that they harvest their highest potential from their lives.

This is a path that’s completely different than the templated three-day conferences and weekend boot camps. Sand, Steel and Summits is a 14-week, longitudinal program designed specifically for adult males.

Are you ready to excavate your inner summit?

Through this small eight-person cohort, I integrate three key elements of each man’s life to help successfully elevate your careers and your impact. My program is constructed in experiential learning over time. It folds together individual development with team leadership and engagement, but most importantly, improvement-based physical fitness.

Through Sand, Steel and Summits, you are better positioned to lead, work with and mentor teams, as well as successfully achieve goals not just at work, but with your family and friends, in your volunteer activities, in your communities and for yourself. Remaining rooted in shifting sands, you will continue to inspire confidence in team members, executing even when unpredictable variables come into play.

Sand Steel and Summits is built to build momentum. And, I like to say, it is “uniquely basic” in its approach.

During the 14 weeks, you will participate in focused physical fitness training that will boost cognitive and metabolic function. The Steel training program is designed for relative strength increases and durability.

Why fitness? Science has shown that consistency and improvement in physical fitness generate more than physical strength. You will see improvement in cognitive and neurological function such as a heightened sense of awareness, memory retention and recall, as well as decision-making ability and focus.

Simultaneously, you will participate in introspective, skills-based activities to develop your inner summit—mastering your own “why” and “how” to achieve your goals. This is coupled with activities around functional and social engagement with teams, both as a leader and a follower, so ultimately, you learn to lead with accountability, empathy, resiliency and will remain future-focused on success.

As a Sand, Steel and Summit graduate, you will be ready to transition into the next tier of leadership.

On the following pages, you will find a bit more detail about the Sand, Steel and Summits program.

Know that I commend you for considering an investment in yourself in general and appreciate you considering my program. I am committed to your success and look forward to getting to know you and seeing you improve in all facets of your life.

Z’heir ‘Zulu Zeke’ Khali, The Healthy Hueman

Wholistic Performance Enhancement Specialist, Master Trainer


Listed below are key aspects of the Sand, Steel and Summits 14-week program. This is not an exhaustive list, but is meant to provide you with an understanding of how my approach is multi-faceted and engages you as a complete Hueman.

You will learn how to allow the earth and its energy to be your therapist.


Finding balance internally will happen through a clean ion-exchange with activities located near rushing water, old growth forests and sweeping alpine meadows.  The program purposefully reconnects you with nature and taps into your root chakra through an (almost) weekly multi-hour immersion in the vast evergreen backyard of the Pacific Northwest. You can expect to participate in two types of eco immersions.

Come on Fellas let’s get outdoors and get a lil dirty while we grow!

Adventure Eco-Therapy

We will be trail running and gravel biking in some of the most calming and captivating locations in the country; hiking some of the most sought-after trails on the globe; camping to increase the growth of comradery and connection as Huemans in the natural world; participating in sunrise mindfulness activities and mobility work in the mountains.

Introspective Awareness Eco-Therapy

While adventure eco-therapy wakes your spirit, this immersion is intentionally more calming. Activities may include:  community garden participation; volunteering with the Washington Trails Association; lakeside guided group meditation; oceanside grounding and retreats.


This is about you, so let’s work on getting you to focus on you. The “training” you will receive in this part of the program is about support—letting me help you. These one-on-one guidance sessions include:

  • One, one-hour in-person meeting bi-weekly.
  • Two, 30-minute video calls per week through a private Microsoft Teams link.
  • Monthly ‘Open Door’ policy for coursework review and personal reflection.

There will also be weekly fellowship and scheduled group activities with the other men in your cohort to learn how to naturally wield the new skills being learned within yourself.

Additionally, you will receive a curated list of reading materials to help encourage and guide you through the changes you can expect to see in yourself.

To provide structure and to help you see progress over the duration of the program, six introspectively-clarifying, horizon-focusing written assignments will be expected from you.

Other aspects of the sand curriculum include:

Learn how to sit with your thoughts and ambitions so you can manifest the latter.

Introspective Exploration & Engagement

The power of the Sand curriculum resides in its raw introspection and personal engagement principles. The written elevations catalyze the necessary assessment and growth of each man to provide you with an internal map of how you can rise to your fullest male potential even when sands beneath his feet are constantly shifting.

Team Leadership Efficacy

With the objective to propel you forward to higher levels of responsibility and obligation in your respected fields (i.e. leadership roles), a core goal of the Sand curriculum is to deliver better stewards who can guide from the front in order to lead their team or family forward. We will focus on conveying and cementing the characteristics of a solid and dependable leader in real life applications. We will optimize your interpersonal skills, group gathering and strategy facilitation, active listening skills and colleague connection.

Relative strength and power is ALL that matters to a Man. How capable can you become?


By focusing on what you can do and then doing a little more beyond that, you will make a leap from where you are – to where you want to be, physically. The Steel program is built using improvement-based physical fitness. This is not just fitness for the sake of building a fit body, but also focuses on improvements in neurological and cardiovascular function, proprioception, healthy testosterone productivity and strength.

You can expect 90-minutes of hybrid training and conditioning two mornings a week that may include kettlebell, barbell, ballistics and plyometric training balanced with mobility, agility and flexibility training modalities.

There will also be de-load weeks where training is led by internationally-renowned, strong male instructors who specialize in myofascial release and massage.

Combined, this foundational and functional fitness has been scientifically proven to improve nerve longevity, increase positive hormonal activity, mental acuity, memory retention and many other cognitive benefits.


Break through to your inner summit—this is where all your work comes together in a fulsome way. I developed Masculinity Awareness Training (MAT) to help you define and achieve your personal inner summit.

Interpersonal capacities are by far the vaguest area in all of Hueman existence that a man needs to navigate. Equally, they cause more men than necessary to fall into habits detrimental to themselves, their colleagues, friends, family and the world at large.

By owning the absolute fact that we are not just Huemans with external reproductive organs and accepting that there is nothing wrong with a man expressing empathy or evaluating the emotional weight of a scenario, sustainable evolutions can be made.

As men, we must remove ourselves from the bubble of self-indulgence and narcissism and own our part of the societal discord. We must be fully aware that the energy we exude can and will affect others we come in contact with. We must be fully aware of our intonation, gaze and gait. It is a mindful mind frame that is required to become a future-focused leader.  And our children, other men and even women are begging us to do so.

Through MAT, we as men will be able to achieve balance in the world. You will be fully cognizant of your purpose, how best to stand for it, commit to it, and see that others respect your determination to deliver the best of your potential.

By fully ingratiating yourself in Masculine Awareness Training, you will learn to embrace, own and harness the power of what it really, truly means to not just say “I am a man,” but to know through your dedication to self and universal harmony that you are a steward of manhood—that you have achieved your own inner summit. 

Investment in self: $9,500

Sand, Steel and Summits

Sand Steel and Summits 14-week training program for men


Your Return on Investment? Infinite stability, confidence and capability internally and externally.

The Summit Awaits!

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