The Healthy Hueman

Sharp mind. Able body. Calm spirit.

The basic components to a healthy Hueman. To attain each of them in its totality is to master that element. To implement each with efficiency at its proper time is to wield the power of your best self. Only through a holistic approach can balance be achieved in the battles and bouts of life. By developing a seamless connection between mind, body and soul we can optimize our potential in each of these major areas of existence.

Elevation through education. Constructing concrete capabilities. Preparation for prosperity. A healthy Hueman adheres to these principles of development when looking to optimize what they can bring out of themselves. We will take these same core principles and apply them to nutrition, fitness, recovery and mental wellness. We will enlighten ourselves in order to better understand our predisposition. Then we will organize a plan of action that best suits us based on our assessment of the new information acquired. By fixing our feet on the path and looking toward the summit we ensure success even when we stumble.

Re-engagement with self and nature on all levels is necessary for the flourishing of one’s best self. To connect with the whole, it is crucial to be intimate with the parts. Understanding your deepest potential and purpose for this world requires you to peer out onto the creation and immerse yourself within it. To nurture what is within we must see how it is influenced by the rawness that is external. Stepping outside of normal boundary lines drawn by us or society demands courage. Courage breeds confidence. Confidence builds character. On our journey through the thickets of change we have to rely on sound judgement and concrete character. Holistic harmony is the goal of the #HuemanTribe. Get in on this never-ending ascent of Mt. Manifestation.

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