Hueman Infusions: Pumpkin Maca Latte

The surprise and shock I got when I found out that pumpkin was a valued staple in the Asian Heritage Diet was nothing to the thrill of universal synchronicity when I uncovered the roots of the elements of pumpkin spice. It is my great pleasure to rock your world and let you know thatContinue reading “Hueman Infusions: Pumpkin Maca Latte”

Hueman Infusions: Cultivating an Intelligent Cup w/ Curcumin

One of my key pourover infusions Tribe! This brain boosting combo of turmeric and my intermittent fasting in the morning is rejuvenating and clarifying. The power of turmeric in all its anti-inflammatory glory can’t be discounted. My focus however is on its catalytic factor in the functions of BDNf (Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor). As always,Continue reading “Hueman Infusions: Cultivating an Intelligent Cup w/ Curcumin”