Peace in power,

I often hear myself internally chanting the motto, “Pedal for progress” whenever faced with a sour situation out on my bike. Other times when a uniquely friendly bunch of riders, wave and give salutations in my direction, I’ll swing the chant their way with a smile. You know – The Healthy Hueman way! But sometimes my acts of activism in the athletic and recreation worlds are not so much for the worlds I stand in solidarity with as much as they may be for me in the moment.

As I am born and raised in the PNW (Pacific Northwest) I have been exposed to my share of outdoor recreation. As soon as I could pedal, I was off into the woods until sunset. Returning with the sweet scent of sweaty pre-teen boy and an earthen aroma. On my own dirt bike at 5 (literally I got my dirt bike on my 5th birthday) and camping years before then. As I grew older and society gripped my self-esteem and shook it like a ragdoll I found that I really wasn’t wanted… ANYWHERE. What a calamity at such a vulnerable and meaningful time period (ages 12-24). What I found is that if I did just enough to not be singled out while not simultaneously being a part of the group that singled out those to be heckled, abused or used as bait I could survive in this meaningless urban existence. This could never last.

After having my armor dented and damaged to the degree it hurt more to wear it or even carry it than to unveil my protected, extremely vulnerable mental and physical flesh – I did just that. I revealed who I was. First to myself and then slowly to the world as I saw fit. This process was rough. It was hard. It was jarring and difficult to continue to push through to the end. But I stand as a fully formed version of myself, finally. As I was meant to be. As I have done the work already, I can’t help but think of ALL the other Black males out there doing the work to unveil their ridiculous social protective gear. The journey is long and arduous but Wakanda is grateful and gracious to those who put their minds and spirit first. So, carry on and see it through. Be the Hueman you want to look up to. The Hueman you wish to be!

Early on in this cycling life/career of mine I have already been blessed to be surrounded by the most loving, generous and compassionate two-wheel enthusiasts I could hope to meet outside of the 1990’s former Legendary MC club “Knight Riders” led by the Unrivaled Dr. Sharon Knight, here in the Pacific northwest. The magnitude of comfort and belonging I feel around the Northstar Cycling community ( – even on my most depressed and stressed days – I know I can get some #BlackJoy whenever I hit the clubhouse or cross paths in the city. But now, my blessings have increased manyfold with the onboarding of a race team to my list of platforms for “Athletic Activism”. Yes! I am getting LAUNCHED! And you are too because you are apart of the Hueman Tribe! This journey of mine is our journey and I have made it a necessity to document as much of this lifelong commitment to two wheels. To inspire. To entice. To enjoy the fruits offered in ALL areas of life.

So, in efforts to revolutionize the world of cycling and ALL “Whitewashed” areas of outdoor recreation and competition I have joined Launchpad Cycling Club and the Gene Johnson Devo Racing Squad! ( Step by step I will learn and earn my respect amongst the ranks as an ambassador for greatness to come. I give a huge shout out to The Founders of both clubs for their dedication to not only shifting a narrative which was long long overdue, but more importantly, pressing the issue with action and compassion. With those in combination we could spar with any opponent, TOGETHER.

Much more to come for the public and private sectors of the Hueman Tribe. Stay tuned HERE-

Instagram: @TheHealthyHueman – @LaunchpadCycling – @NorthstarCycling



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