Healthy Hueman Glossary (D)


Vitamin D:  A group of fat-soluble vitamins that are responsible for the absorption and regulation of calcium, and maintain adequate serum calcium and phosphate concentrations. There are also cellular benefits derived from these micronutrients that assist in neuromuscular (Nerve-muscle) function, cell growth and apoptosis (programmed cell death). Just to put that into perspective of why this vitamin is crucial to the holistically healthy Hueman- vitamin D while fasting is benefiting our bone density and health as well as encouraging healthy cell recycling activities.  “Freeing two birds with one key.”

So, from where can we expect the best sources of this powerful vitamin? I would look to wild caught oily fish like cod, salmon and tuna. Also, high quality orange juice (i.e. cut the dang organic orange and squeeze it). Last but certainly not least is good old-fashioned sun light. This is a powerful way to energize your cells, Tribe. No doubts about it. Aim for 15-45 minutes outdoors in the sunshine between 10am and 3pm for your best opportunity at vitamin D exposure.

Dermis: What we know as the skin or what’s just below it. The dermis is made of epithelial tissue and is our initial line of defense against the physical world. Formulated from amazingly tough cells and lined with exteroceptors which assist in the communication process of sensation between the external world and our internal processor. The skin speaks to the central nervous system, which in turns deciphers the incoming messages from the parasympathetic nervous system so that homeostasis may be achieved. Without skin we would be left no ability to transmit our unseen perceptions of the environment nor would our fascia, muscular or nervous tissue be protected. Without our different dermis types we wouldn’t be able to thrive and procreate effectively in so many different climates. Our skin makes us who we are as a Hueman Tribe and it is more than vital and much more than a colorful casing for our organs.

Dendrite: Internal messaging component responsible for the reception of electrical impulses to the nerve cell from other nerves. It is a physical extension and is the opposite function generation mechanism of axons (the sites sending these impulses and signals to our dendrites). When it comes to reflexes and maximal awareness, we should look no further than the systems and components of the body that will make the processing of said functions occur seamlessly.

Dehydration: This is a term we have all heard of and are aware of its dangers but I think it should be put in clear terms. With us being a genus that is composed of 80% water (our blood plasma consisting of 90% water and that plasma over half of our blood volume) this should be a major cause of concern for us in summer months, during periods of fasting and especially during physical exertion. To become dehydrated is to deprive our vital organs and systems of their fluid balance. This fluid balance is crucial for synthesis, metabolism, respiration and temperature regulation. I guarantee that if you can name a body system I can name a vital function within it that requires water and electrolytes.


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