Afrikan Heritage Diet Celebration


Peace and blessings Tribe. We have arrived at the Orignal Heritage Diet–the Afrikan Heritage Diet. It is my heritage diet and the diet of my ancestors. Rich in flavor and aromas these stews and dishes are hearty and delicious. Made with patience and precision, the cuisine of the First Land is one that honors tradition. Insha Allah (God willing) I can do right by all and shed some light and #healthspiration in a manner that would do my ancestors proud. Ase.

With the current crisis in Sudan I believe there can be no better revolutionary demonstration than the entirety of #Huemanity utilizing their platform. This is my voice lending its noise to the struggles of the world.

The Sudanese region provides amazing food that is simple yet savory: Stews, grilled meats and fish, beans and sweets. The style of serving usually borders on the extravagance of a feast or banquet. With large platters covered in many dishes of succulent lamb or kofta, dates, broad beans, fresh fried fish, okra stew and fatir, I am honored to be learning, sharing and enjoying the proud food and traditional cooking style inspired by the Sudanese people.

The main produce we will be acquiring outside of the normal range of veggies will be fresh spices and herbs. The preparation of these ingredients is, dare I say, even more important. The key is in the timing, the temperature and the proportioning.

Main Spices

  • Coriander
  • Cumin
  • Black pepper
  • Cinnamon
  • Cardamom

Main Vegetables

  • Onions
  • Garlic
  • Tomatoes
  • Collard Greens
  • Sweet Potato
  • Okra

The dishes which we will be highlighting this month are full of fantastic flavors and packed with vital nutrients and minerals needed to become and remain a #HealthyHueman. There is no shortage of protein and iron either with a high focus on beans and greens and celebratory meat dishes. Endurance athletes and fat adapted Tribe members know that your fat requirements will be met no problem with the use of ghee and feta not being shorted.

As always I will be making a righteous attempt to #healthify and optimize the regional cuisine I am inspired to cook or ascribing to for a moon cycle. So, hold back the stick if you feel I have deviated slightly from the absoluteness of authenticity. Firstly, let us not forget that I am directly descended from the population of stolen and enslaved Afrikan people who were brought to America; a land where the indigenous folk of the Cherokee, Taino, Seminole, Duwamish and Salish peoples were massacred to make way for my Ghanaian, Congolese, Bantu and Mandinka peoples to work under conditions never before seen by #Huemanity. Please excuse me if my people have lost their connection with their homeland to the point where no energy or time could be spared to remember such important cultural mannerisms and involvements.

 Needless to say, nor are my closest related siblings in the #HuemanTribe (Afro-Americans) openly accepted by other Afrikan descended siblings in and around the west. Thus, learning about the Motherland and our shared experiences through community and congregation is a rarity. Though our culture is used as a popular medium for all forms of expressions and creation, our company is often dismissed and discounted. Nonetheless we boast the highest level of resiliency and creativity! That is why in the spirit of innovation and the adaptability of the strongest Huemans to reproduce on this planet, I am about to give these traditional dishes a one-off west side story of a remix.

On this month’s menu-

  • Stuffed Peppers
  • Sweet potato, spinach and cashew stew
  • Blistered tomatoes and braised collards

I pray this month’s dishes bring some of the sweetness of Sudan into your home and soften your hearts for #Huemanity.


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