Pine & Ginger

A superb sip for you my Tribe! This enzyme rich, antioxidant packed drink from the Caribbean is perfect for digestion. Fit for a hot summer day when served cold over ice or in the colder months steamed up with a little turmeric to ward off that cold, yah? Not only is it delicious and nutritious but it allows us to utilize nearly 100% of your pineapple which means reducing our footprint and increasing our health-span. That is a ratio adjustment I can get onboard with.

Whether you get up early or go to bed late you will be able to have this properly prepared for enjoyment. It needs to steep like tea so that there is full extraction of the ingredients. Let’s get into what we need for this island concoction.

  • Organic whole pineapple
  • ginger
  • Filtered/spring water
  • Limes and Orange/tangerine
  • Large stock pot
  • Strainer and cheese cloth or coffee filter
  • Larg mixing bowl
  • Honey/coconut sugar

We want to get the skins and the core from this pineapple, so prepare the pineapple in your usual manner. Top palm and bottom section cut off first and those will be all that we toss in the bin. We will now filet those skins off the sides and separate the core from the juicy edible pieces.

Rinse your skins and add them to the mixing bowl. Cover them with water, add a couple tbs of apple cider vinegar and allow them to soak for one hour. We must remember that these skins were protecting the inner flesh of the fruit from debris, soil, bugs and the like. We must take care to ensure they are clean before beginning our infusion.

 Drain and rinse them and add them to the stock pot with the core. Fill with two liters of water per pineapple for a nice strong sip. Bring to a boil and allow to roll for 30 minutes. Keep the lid on and remove from the heat to allow the brew to steep for two or three hours.

Strain it and add the juice of a lime and tangerine and give it a good stir.

Run it through the strainer and the cheese cloth/coffee filter setup to ensure a clean beverage.

Place it in a glass container and put it in the fridge for later enjoyment.

Serve with ice and stir in your choice of natural sweetener.

Stay peaceful. Love your skin and what goes in!

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