A Passion for Pour Over

Top Tier Greetings Fellow Huemans,

               We enjoy today, an incredibly warming cup of ebony elixir full of adaptogens and packed with natural antioxidants. I am here to share with you one of my greatest creations and enjoyments: Infused pour over coffee. Coffee and espresso in its own right when sourced properly is enough for me when on the go hither and to, but when I am afforded that 15 minutes of my morning process of rinsing and mixing there exists no rival.

               As always what I offer here is inspiration through innovation. My experiences revealed in a manner that I pray will give you confidence and awareness of the endless opportunities available to you. We often overlook the process of getting that morning jolt. I can attest to this with no shame. But as I have elevated further and higher along my path, my awareness of this thing so intertwined in my life increased. I went from drinking the brand that was highly marketed and then ventured into espresso when I found myself in public. Finding the difference in flavor profile intriguing catalyzed my deep dive.

               Keeping it all the way genuine; 100; real. All of that, I must admit I had the most basic view of this ancient piece of produce that held a rich history. As my eating practices synced with my mindset and beliefs, I made a seriously impactful decision and that was to switch from conventional coffee to organic and carefully sourced beans. Not from sources that use all manner of practices in order to yield a larger crop that will remain on a shelf longer; exploiting farmers who look like me and my friends for service and sales; taking that money and reinvesting it in the prison industrial complex. All of these facts and more caused me to take a leap and two steps back to get a clearer view of this world of consumption. I chose to hone in and research the practices and providers of fair trade and organic beans sourced directly from regions that directly receive my patronage.

               I express all of that to state to you how Hueman I am and that my current state came by way of a constant state of progress. Consistent awareness of what matters to me and what works. How it works and why it works. For you it may not be coffee. For you it may be eliminating processed foods and cooking more of your own meals at home or walking in the evening after supper. For me coffee has been something I can see a clear connection to my holistic health transition.

               As of late my goal through nutrition has been to focus on brain function, recovery and energy. Understanding the power of adaptogens, fasting, lipid mobilization and utilization I have centered my morning mug around these aspects. When making my coffee I simply grind my chosen spices in my mortar and pestle and add them to the top of my prepared coffee grounds. As of late my go to coffee is a Lion’s Mane and Chaga blend from https://us.foursigmatic.com/products/mushroom-coffee-with-lions-mane-ground and the studies on Lion’s Mane and neurogenerative effects are extensive (https://www.mindlabpro.com/blog/nootropics/grow-brain-cells-nootropics-neurogenesis/#Lions_Mane_Mushroom). To this I love to add some organic ground ginger or cardamom depending on the direction I intend to take my palette, ground turmeric and fresh ground black pepper. Over this I begin my pour as normal.

               To my cup I have begun to place a fileted rind of a lemon. When the brew is poured down over the citrus rinds the oils and terpenes will release and we have a compound effect of alertness and mental acuity. Though without this elegant pairing the sip is pure and fulfilling. This is just one of many infusions I will be sharing over the next weeks. I hope you enjoy it and make it your own and share that back with me. I eagerly await your creativity Tribe.

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