Hueman Infusions: Cocoa Comfort

That autumn breeze has certainly morped into a brisk chill? Up here in the sprawl of the evergreen state I find the thing that shakes the fog and frost from my frame is a hot cup of chocolate. Chocolate has handfuls of healthful benefits for you to harness if you happen to know what real chocolate is. Raw cacao has one similarity to milk chocolate or any other ‘chocolate’ you may see on your local supermarket shelf: Cacao. Once extracted from the pods adulteration occurs at a high level. That salivation activating, industrialized, hybrid brown confection to be is blended and infused with ingredients you and your friends should receive points for saying correctly on the first attempt. Though they may stimulate the brain to believe there is pleasure on the pallet we have traded off that which matters most. The polyphenols, magnesium and healthy fats that are found in natural cacao are magnificent boosters to our blood quality. What I am sharing today will allow you to fully appreciate all this earth grown superfood has to offer.

For starters we should get comfortable with sourcing our favorite foods rather than sourcing someone to prepare them for us. When you are in control of your ingredients you are in control of your life. As always you want your base ingredients for an infusion to be raw, organic, pastured. No hormones or pesticides. Can you imagine boiling pesticides in your kitchen and then clinking mugs with your spouse or child and saying ‘mmmmmmmmm’ with an upper lip full of antibiotic laced hormones? Welp, if you couldn’t before I hope that analogy makes the reality crystal. You cannot overlook the dangers of the way your butter was brought into being; how your coconut oil growth and extraction methods were carried out; how your plant based milk is derived. None of these are less important than the other. Nothing is more important than pure, wholesome unadulterated ingredients. Excess, biologically unfamiliar, unethically sourced ingredients will leave your body in a fighting state. A stressed state known as inflammation and inflammation is the root of most all forms of dis-ease in the body.

This infusion is very straight forward so if your skills around the kitchen are amateur at best then you will be able to come out with a satisfactory sip. I advise you to use a blender but if you do not have one but happen to have all ingredients I suggest using a whisk. The process used here is similar to baking where you combine wet ingredients and dry ingredients. Over the stove we will combine our base liquids whether that be water or a plant based milks, with our saturated fats like coconut oil or pastured ghee. In the blender place 1 tbs of creamed coconut or cacao butter. The one exception for dry ingredients will be adding in a fragrant spice like nutmeg and cardamom as the temperature builds or of course you could use vanilla or orange extract here as well. In a small bowl/cup/ramekin is where we will combine our dry ingredients such as cacao powder, cordyceps elixir, chaga, maca, coconut sugar be very mindful, you name it. Bring the liquid to a simmer and whisk so it will come out of the sauce pan proper.

Poor it into the blender and run the low setting for 15 seconds to emulsify the cream or butter we dropped in. This step is key if using water because, for our body to efficiently assimilate the structure of these lipids (our cells being such a high concentration of water) the manipulation of the structure of these liquids must be made more familiar to ur cellular structure. While still blitzing add in our dry ingredients and now work the speed of the blender to medium-high for 30-45 seconds. Pour up, sit down near that foggy window and breathe in the smell of milk chocolate in your cup.

12-16 oz of plant based milk

1 tbs saturated fat (coconut oil, palm oil, ghee)

1 tbs coconut cream or cacao butter

2.5 tbs of raw cacao powder or very high quality dark chocoloate 85%-90% like “Blackout” from Alter Eco

1.5 tsp coconut sugar

Choice spice: ginger, cinnamon, vanilla

Superfood selections: maca, fungi, lucuma(rich in b vitamins)

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