Hueman Infusions: Cultivating an Intelligent Cup w/ Curcumin

One of my key pourover infusions Tribe! This brain boosting combo of turmeric and my intermittent fasting in the morning is rejuvenating and clarifying. The power of turmeric in all its anti-inflammatory glory can’t be discounted. My focus however is on its catalytic factor in the functions of BDNf (Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor). As always, I am only here to inspire and guide. Not to lecture. So, I will provide you with a few key terms you can search up on your Googler that will enhance your understanding of why these additions elevate my coffee so high.

  1. Neuroplasticity
  2. BDNF
  3. Curcumin and its interaction with black pepper

If you are not aware of the pourover process then that may be something you want to google or search up a video on as well.

Usually I add all of my grounds and brew with the natural approach if I have something spectacularly bright like the Dur Feres from Boon Boona Coffee. However, when working with infusions it is key to distribute what you are infusing or steeping evenly in the grounds. So, I measure out half of my coffee into the cone and then add my turmeric, few cracks of pepper, cardamom and sometimes vanilla. I then cover that with the remaining coffee and then begin the normal process. Bloom through concentric circles and pull. Heres the chemistry-

1 tbs turmeric

½ tsp ground cardamom

2-3 crack of pepper

½ tbs of high-quality vanilla extract

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