The Stoplight Approach to a Healthier Existence

I know that you know I don’t do the diet preaching. Fact teaching with entertainment is much more fun. With that in mind, in my fact compiling and applying over the past year, I have found that color is significant to a higher vibration–not just mentally but physiologically. Above all else, food is information, not merely a filling for the cavern that is our belly.

<p value="<amp-fit-text layout="fixed-height" min-font-size="6" max-font-size="72" height="80">When you are in the Good Organic Food produce section have you ever taken note of the Good Organic citrus fruits or the melons? The seed structures or the deep hues in the flesh? From deep purple Good Organic grapes and cabbage to kale and avocado–everything our systems could ever need are there within the vast array of HUES!When you are in the Good Organic Food produce section have you ever taken note of the Good Organic citrus fruits or the melons? The seed structures or the deep hues in the flesh? From deep purple Good Organic grapes and cabbage to kale and avocado–everything our systems could ever need are there within the vast array of HUES!

But today we are focused on just a few aspects of the micronutrient sort as well as only three colors from the spectrum.

Antioxidants, alkalinity, hydration benefit, vitamins and minerals.

EEEEEERRRRRRR! Stop Light Alert.

Red. Yellow/Orange. Green.

Returning to the easiest level of understanding when it comes to this ever complex hueman body and the buzzterms you hear associated with it, it is my choice to constantly make examples and scenarios that will help minimize the gap between the seemingly distant knowledge and the present state of not knowing.

Things that are potentially harmful to our health are often explained in ways too difficult to immediately place an applicable meaning around. So as your dedicated educator I will do my due diligence to deliver sound information you can utilize.

When we see Good Organic red fruit whether it be berries or stone fruit like Good Organic cherries, we can be assured there is a concentration of micronutrients in those radiant and rich hues of scarlet, garnet, ruby and fiery red. Carotenoids provide the visual reference to antioxidants. Here we arrive at our first juncture to take a ride on the “Break-it-Down Express.”

Carotenoid Clues

What is an antioxidant? An antioxidant is a substance that inhibits oxidation. Anti, meaning against. Oxidation, the interaction with oxygen and in our case the disruption of the cellular balance. Think of carotenoids of as buffer to the effects of oxidation. So as the process of oxidation is catalyzed (began), the stores of antioxidants in the body will come out and negate the impacts. That is the skinny.


Now, when you are living an intentionally healthy lifestyle and you have a strong and well-fortified immune system from the Good Organic foods and fitness you have incorporated, your surplus will in essence begin to develop and encourage more healthy cellular growth and fortitude. Stronger, more resilient muscle and bone tissue will be generated with a constant supply of unadulterated nutrients and minerals, thus making you a completely and absolutely transformed individual.

When we are looking for vitamin C in particular it is always important to pair that intake with iron. This can be as simple as adding Good Organic goji berries to your smoothie, salad, sandwich or snack pack. Vitamin C is abundant in Good Organic red chili flake and cayenne pepper, Organic sweet red peppers, pomegranate, red cherries, strawberries and many more red fruits. Most of these pair well with savory or salty dishes as well as standing tall on their own.

A powerful superfood that deserves the tilte and categorization. STOCK UP


Now we shall turn our attention toward the next color abundant with antioxidants and vitamins. Yellow. With my favorite color comes a blend of benefits. Think of a Good Organic vibrant lemon and the fragrant flesh of a Good Organic peach. How about the sweet Good Organic yellow pepper or the succulence of Good Organic mangoes in spring? Maybe you are a fan of raw wholesome bee pollen and honey like I am which is saturated with amazing nutrient benefits like vitamin C and E, carotenoids, amino acids and is mega easy for our body to turn into readily usable energy.

Maybe you are not too sold on what I’m dishing up for the daily dose at the moment so walk with me a little further with the knowledge that this is only enlightened inspiration for you. A catalyst for your journey to a higher vibrational intention with your Good Organic fruits and foods. So as you pick your next fast breaking feast (yes, that is where the term breakfast is derived) or snack just use that Googler and look up the nutritional benefits your body will be reaping as your eating. You will be amazed!


Lets go green now. My favorite area in many ways and for a variety of reasons. Good Organic Green fruits are succulent and are key in rebuilding our body and detoxifying it. Good Organic green apples, kiwi, avocado, grapes, honeydew melon, soursop and lime – all boosters of our immune system and satiating. Lime is a powerful catalyst for proper bile production and it is alkaline. What do I mean by alkaline?

Is that the “B.I.D.” Express I hearing chugging along the rails again?

The measure of the body’s ability to buffer acid from one’s diet (consumed energy) and environment. Nitrogen heavy diets and damaged water from bad pipes and sources load the immune system down with chores for cleaning up. That in turn leads the body into a state of panic to eschew out all the residuals from its pathways. The lack of this ability leads to inflammation and inflammation leads to every dis-ease known to mankind. We haven’t even gotten into the mental detriment of an acidic lifestyle… never fear as we have not yet peeled back the layers of the power of herbs, roots and vegetables of the stoplight either.

All of these Good Organic fruits are naturally hydrating which benefits the facilitation of getting the energy from the food and sent around the body. They are amazing additions to a smoothie, blended all together or eaten separately in their Good Organic natural forms.

Remember that this is the perfect opportunity to get intimate with your food. Feast on your fruits this week and engage with the energy they provide. Go all in with the Good Organic reds or yellows aiming for all acidic and sub acidic fruits. Get clean with a bowl of Good Organic green grapes and kiwis that is. But there is nothing wrong with a plate full of Good Organic sweet and soft fleshy fruits all three colors like papaya, sweet raspberries and green bananas.

Take pics and send them my way. Comment below and let me know your favorite Good Organic fruit from each color category.

If you found this piece of health information inspirational then please send it to your loved ones with your expression of care for their elevation.

Much more to come from this new concept that I am eager to share with you.

Keep Elevated Vibes Tribe,

Zulu Zekey

Feast for your life everyday as if your future life depends on it.

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