Sand, Steel and Summits

This is a path that’s completely different than the templated three-day conferences and weekend boot camps. Sand, Steel and Summits is a 14-week, longitudinal program designed specifically for men.

Pump Up Your Post Work Out with Some Organic OJ

Let’s talk about working out. What is it? Essentially, working out is putting the body into a state of stress. That stress leads to a process of adaptation which creates a stronger more resilient body. We are micro-simulating the process of evolution. When we put strength, agility and cardio training into a Hueman perspective, likeContinue reading “Pump Up Your Post Work Out with Some Organic OJ”

Getting your employer to work for YOU!

Let me say a quick “Top Tier Gretings” and introduce myself so you know why I’m writing to you in the first place. I’m Zeke Khali, The Healthy Hueman, and I’m checking in about your focus on you.  I help people bridge the gap between their current state and who they can become as their bestContinue reading “Getting your employer to work for YOU!”