The Frugal Zulu

Healthy eating and fine cookery is not an expensive engagement. It is a matter of being aware of and learning how to source the best ingredients at the best price for the occasion and then being able to utilize them successfully in order to complete the task. By getting in touch with the sustenance that is most beneficial to our genetic makeup and microbiome, we can assure longevity and a high-quality health span. By sourcing our foods from local producers and preparing and enjoying those meals at home with our Tribe, we develop a loving culture around a foundational cornerstone of life. Sadly, this is something lost and forgotten in the modern household on a large scale.

As creatures on this earth we must understand the slow yet powerful process of evolution (.2% EVERY 20,000 YEARS FOR THE HUEMAN SPECIES), including how nothing escapes it; yet everything that is, benefits from it.  Our ancestors who contributed to our gut flora did not inhabit the land you most likely stand on today. Nor was their supper as far from “he who sowed the seed” as is the case today. Do not underestimate the magnitude of the transaction we have allowed to become standard: Trading sustainability and potency for ease of access.

My responsibility as Tribal Leader will be to eradicate the claims and crutches that limit and debilitate our community. Only through understanding who we are can we understand what we can become. There are many dietary lanes to align oneself with or fall victim to. My main concern is not to lead you toward any of them but to provide you with wholesome foundational insight, guidance, instruction and support for sourcing, shopping, prepping, cooking and plating: The simplistic approach to consistent success.

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