Mediterranean Heritage Diet

As in all cases of the Oldways-PT heritage diets, the Mediterranean option is based on a plethora of fruits and vegetables. From artichoke to avocado to sweet potato and shallot. Fragrance and flavors are abundant when building a meal out of the available ingredients.

I will be highlighting just a few of the possibilities you can make yourself with minimal skill level. These are nutrient-dense and robust dishes that will render your family satisfied and satiated. These options are sure to fit any budget while making any meal feel as elegant as dinner out on the town.

On the menu this month is:

Baked salmon with a beautifully crisped skin and fresh herb yogurt served encircled in a bed of broccoli and carrots, aside a fresh spring salad consisting of arugula, grapefruit, mint, cucumber, zucchini, lemon/EVOO/sea salt and black pepper.

Grilled chicken kebabs with peppers, red onion & zucchini with a sage basil marinade with garlic-rosemary brown butter baked mashed potatoes and fresh citrus salad and grilled bread on the side.

Whole Grain Pasta with Sardines and Greens (quick dish pick)

Savory Sizzling Chickpeas (snack of the week)

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