Sand, Steel and Summits

This is a path that’s completely different than the templated three-day conferences and weekend boot camps. Sand, Steel and Summits is a 14-week, longitudinal program designed specifically for men.

Asian Heritage Diet

(Japanese for ‘peace’)Heiwa, It is my absolute pleasure to explore, experience and learn about the heritage behind the hunger satiating cookery of Asia! As the most densely populated continent on the planet we can count on a diversity of flavors and culinary techniques. Specialties vary, as in all regions, but the merriment of flavors notContinue reading “Asian Heritage Diet”

Savory Sizzlin’ Chickpeas

INGREDIENTS LIST: Can or jar of organic chickpeas, drained and rinsed twice 1 tbs olive oil ½ organic lemon juiced 1 tbs high grade organic maple syrup 1 tsp Bragg’s liquid aminos 2 tsp each of paprika & oregano 1 tsp garlic powder & onion powder ¼ tsp cayenne pepper In a small cup, combineContinue reading “Savory Sizzlin’ Chickpeas”