Hueman Infusions: Pumpkin Maca Latte

The surprise and shock I got when I found out that pumpkin was a valued staple in the Asian Heritage Diet was nothing to the thrill of universal synchronicity when I uncovered the roots of the elements of pumpkin spice. It is my great pleasure to rock your world and let you know thatContinue reading “Hueman Infusions: Pumpkin Maca Latte”

Meso Coco

INGREDIENTS LIST 1 cinnamon stick (about the size of your thumb if quite thick; if more pencil like, then grab an index finger length stick.) 2.5 tbs cacao powder 1 tbs maca ¼ tsp nutmeg 2 tbs unrefined coconut sugar 6oz coconut milk 6oz filtered water 1 tbs cacao butter Pour liquids into a sauceContinue reading “Meso Coco”