Homefront H.I.I.T. Amidst a Pandemic

Yes indeed, we are all feeling the effects of being indoors more often than usual. It is important to understand that movement is one of the best medicines we can implement. It has a vast array of positive affects on the immune system. In times where health and infection are in the forefront of the mind, we must harness and wield our personal power over our life. I am here to provide you some of the most simple and applicable advice you may receive in this pandemic. And, the best part is, it’s FREE. Are you ready to elevate?

First up is for those with all that pent-up energy going to st-st-stir crazy!

Pushups and Sprints:

The pressing/pushing motion is so natural to our shoulder-elbow-wrist combination and like any other skill and ability, it must not be taken for granted. The pushup is very beneficial as it is a highly integrated movement meaning it utilizes various muscle groups rather than targeting a single link in the chain. Now if you have not mastered the pushup, but you want this as apart of your hybrid workout, then modifications for this classic move are numerous.

One can always start on their knees. Even if you have difficulty getting up and down off the floor, you can do your sets from the wall. Now you may be thinking, “Zeke, how can I do sprints if I can barely get up and down off the ground?” The answer is simple and it will never change: Your level is your level and your program is your program. So, my modified pushup and sprints may be with my feet elevated and a run distance of 50 yards, whereas you or your elderly parents may have restrictions for movement. So, you may be doing wall pushups of a much lower rep range and marching in place. Your immune system benefits may outpace mine even if my workout appears more intense on paper. That is the truth!

 The key is setting your goals and outlining your program:

  1. Reps for the pressing strength phase
  2. Style of run/distance
  3. Time of recovery
  4. Number of rounds

Hill or Stair Intervals:

For my faithful walkers who are looking for some variety in their routes or routines, these hill intervals are surprisingly energizing. Find an incline that will challenge you and simply set a level of intensity and number of rounds you intend to complete. How easy is that? Someone already leveled and paved the hill. The stairs have just been standing there… You just have to get eyes on the locations and place your feet on the path–up and back down.

The major benefits will come from focusing in with true intention on your posture, stabilize your lower core through active engagement and finally, but most importantly, control your breathing. Deep and steady oxygen delivery is key because after all, we are engaging in an aerobic activity. This is all about breathing efficacy and the transference of that energy to our working muscles. If the directions were any more detailed it would become a difficult task to implement. So, get out there and get to steppin’.

Mtn Climbers and Squats

Another one for those looking to channel that higher storage of energy is one of my favorites paired with another fond flow. Notice how the flow of the exercises we are pairing are full body movements. This increases their efficiency and draws a more natural Hueman movement into our programs. This workout can be done at any intensity. 70%-90%; by time; by rep range. It gets right down to business: Core, legs, shoulder girdle.

None of these need any equipment or any workout partner. The most minimal skills will be necessary for these movements. Think of how seamlessly a toddler moves from the ground to standing or when a child breaks into a sprint. No need of any fancy gadgets to track your pace or progress. Just your dedication to get moving. Now elevate!

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