Getting your employer to work for YOU!

Let me say a quick “Top Tier Gretings” and introduce myself so you know why I’m writing to you in the first place. I’m Zeke Khali, The Healthy Hueman, and I’m checking in about your focus on you.  I help people bridge the gap between their current state and who they can become as their best form through direct engagement with their health and their life outlook.  Through actionable and participatory education around the “how” of being healthy, I lead individuals to lifelong and life-sustaining skills so they can live with strength and infinite expectations of resilience…and ultimately, teach others to do the same. 

Our health is our wealth! No denying that. But why not allow our financial acquisitions to work in synergy with our physical fitness? Our Organic nutrition knowledge? Our mindset and stress relief RITUALS? Many of us are unaware that our very own employers provide many benefits that grant us more leverage to actually fulfill each of these areas.

**Health and wellness credits are often spoken about during the hiring process so it may do you some good to go back and rifle through your packets for outlines of employee packages.

The two most common reasons people provide for not being able to optimize their life through positive sustainable changes in the realms of food, fitness or fraternization are time and money. Take solace that we all battle the 168 hour a week clock and we all must set a standard for ourselves to reach our highest goals. As far as finances go, we have more help than one may perceive.

So if you are looking to elevate into your optimal existence with a Hueman who will be there to celebrate those sweet victories from the peaks of success with you and help lift the valleys of the plateau stages, then speak to your employer the next time you’re in the workplace and see how they can help you get rooted with The Healthy Hueman by using their employee credits.

A healthier employee is proven to –

  • Use significantly less sick leave over a two month and a one-year period when they engage in vigorous activity for one-hour 3x a week. (i.e short and long term studies)
  • Be more productive in the workplace.
  • Have a higher rate of knowledge and data retention.
  • Be able to manage stressful/anxiety ridden situations better than those who do no structure physical activity for at least 150 minutes per week.
  • Have a higher level of job satisfaction (Feeling content with their position & capability in said position).
  • Have a higher overall sense of contentment with their life.

An employer who desires long term success in their field of business is going to need consistently strong employees. Those employees are going to need to remain balanced or the company will become unbalanced. Simple to understand, right? I have never seen a row boat full of Huemans move when nobody had their hands on an oar. So to all employees and employers: The healthier your staff and colleagues are, the richer the results received from the collective efforts of the crew.

Harness your power by expressing your desire to become a healthier Hueman to your employer through health and wellness (Physical & Mental fintess; nutrition guidance or full wholistic immersion). Explain to them how your health is in direct correlation with your productivity potential (P.P.) and in essence this will bost your Earning potential (E.P.)

During ALL of 2021 I will be offering two unique fitness programs and two levels of nutritional guidance for an additional 15% discounted price to those who make take advantage of their employee wellness credits.

One day at a time, one step at a time, I am willing to stride by your side.

“I await your commitment to YOUR elevation like the rise of the sun because I know it’s just a matter of time”
Zeke Khali

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