The Prerequisite of Longevity

The Hueman body is a wonderous creation. It is self-regenerating and economic in its functions. That amazing ability to simultaneously manage all of the major functions required to live each and every second without need of mental input is baffling and stunning. Even still, the Hueman body (nor any sentient creation for that matter) cannot remain in optimal condition without being properly maintained and cared for. The old saying of, “healthy body; healthy mind”, is really the case when it comes to longevity.  To achieve homeostasis is the goal that takes a healthy bit of commitment but it is well rewarded. We have to strive for physical and mental wellness in balance. Through a set of routines, we can achieve this goal no matter how young or old; overweight or involved in unhealthy practices; non-athlete or introvert. With a commitment to caring about yourself and respecting your potential you will virtually eliminate all risks for metabolic diseases and remove yourself from the alarming projected statistics for this country’s obese-o-meter. Health and wellness: the straightforward two pronged approach to achieve balance. Nutrition and fitness are the way to that pristine destination.

What qualifies as “Fitness”?

To be healthy and in a physically fit state.  Attaining and maintaining that state an individual should have the ability to perform a particular role or task in order to survive in an environment. From this tailored definition we see how vital it would be for one’s mental “fitness” to be of similar (if not more) importance of the physical representation of health and vitality. A lack of physical fitness however can make the psychological functions difficult to cope with and thus making life a task in itself to bear. When we add to this deficit the nature of a poor diet, we now offer very little nutritional value to the equation and thus starve our nervous system and vital brain components of the very basic things it needs to grow and flourish. If you have space left to pile on a consistent lack of sleep you can be sure to find instability and an inability to cope with the ups and downs of life. Fitness is an all-encompassing umbrella of a word. Beneath it reads: Nourishment. Regimented physical exertion. Rest. Prayer/Meditation. Repeat.

Why is being “fit” vital?

To perform at your peak and outperform other people it is necessary for you to take full advantage of the benefits attained through physical fitness. With the battle comes mental weight and without the proper endorphin release and BDNF (Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor) uptake there really is no hope to create a steady calm state of mind to be able to weave your way beautifully through this life that is shared with so many others. I am telling you here and now that no matter how much money you may run into or how good of a career you spend the bulk of your time committing yourself, if you are neglecting your own body’s requirements you will fail miserably in one of the necessary areas for total “fitness”. You will lack sleep, patience, awareness, happiness, energy and the ability to fight off viral infections and diseases. Through the exhaustion of stored glucose and fat as well as the mobilizing of the lymphatic system we allow the body to transport macronutrients from their storage points to be distributed accordingly. Activities that encourage and stimulate the body’s natural functions to detox and regenerate create the full spectrum arena for our bodies to actually heal, grow and repair itself. Only by pushing ourselves consistently, properly nourishing ourselves and facilitating mental clarity exercises can we be determined as fit.

The importance of exercise for everyone!

No matter if you are in kindergarten or approaching seniority; the importance of physical exercise is a major component to you being a productive member of society. We have heard it stated many times that #healthiswealth but we are so caught up in the wealth that only provides fashionable, societal, personal instant gratification. The wealth that helps us acquire the delicious food we love or to pay for the schooling of our children so that they may have the best opportunity to flourish. As we have discussed above that even when we are able to have the economic currency of this day and age we are still vulnerable to the effects of having insufficient wellness funds in our life account. When we speak about the looming future of the United States health wise it is clear that butts need to be kicked into gear. Chronic disease rates at this moment are alarming for not only adults in our workforce but for our children. Approximately 34% of adults in the U.S. are clinically obese and 17% of children and adolescence are also in this dangerous range of health.  Of the children born in the year 2000 or after, one out of every three will be at high risk of suffering from type 2 diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, cancer and asthma. In the very same study we find that those same group of Gen-Z youth that are overweight may never achieve a healthy weight and that 70% of obese teens will become obese adults. (1)

If those stats are not enough to move your needle on the “Reasons to Workout-o-Meter” then how about this: The cumulative effect could be that children born of the same generational bracket may not outlive their parents. The cycle continues as the data also shows (as would pure common sense) the economic domino falls as the reality of one’s health deteriorates and the doctor bills start to pile up. Now maybe you are not one who has ever been at risk of being overweight. Perhaps genetically you have a faster metabolism and or simply have a thinner frame. I must Implore you to realize that just because you are not at risk of gaining weight from the meals you eat does not in any way shape or form negate the potentiality of sarcopenia. This age-related loss of muscle mass and function are unavoidable if you feel fitness is not for you. In our late 30’s we begin to part ways with 3%-10% of their muscle mass per decade. Symptoms include weakness and lack of stamina and stability. The loss of these muscle fibers also makes us much more susceptible to constant disease states and rheumatologic conditions. (2)  These adverse results can be overcome through the application of exercise and resistance training. By conditioning the muscles in a foundational and functional manner you help to strengthen the neuromuscular systems. Another vital role of resistance/weight training is the increasing of one’s own ability to convert protein into energy. The importance of fitness for every age group cannot be stressed enough and the athletic background or genetic makeup of a Hueman can only take them so far until certain bodily functions cease. We have the power to not only control this intricate part of our lives, but to harness it.

How to commit to fit

We could debate about which of the excuses offered most often are most valid but where would that lead us? We could also go back and forth on the matter of what time of day is best to exercise but that would cause us to hurdle the main point. Being fit requires us to begin and continue. Bottomline is you have to do the work to get the results. Whether you feel like running those four miles or not that morning you have to commit to your goals and aspire to rise higher. The bodies you see on workout videos and magazines or supplemental ads were not given to any of those people overnight. Believe it or not they had to adhere to a program to attain their level of health. If it was easy then everybody would be in optimal health and have the physique of their dreams. Alas, we are left dreaming until we decide to rouse ourselves from a seditious slumber and bite the bullet. Yes, it will be uphill always if you are aiming to improve and progress. Yes, you will want to make excuses and procrastinate. Yes, you will have to put forward more effort than ever before to make this lifestyle change. In the end will it all pay off? Yes! There is no doubt that if you take control of your life mentally and physically then inside and out you will reach optimal health. The potential we have hidden inside of us all is enormous. We diminish it day by day simply by showing it a lack of attention. Being our best selves means always pushing to become something better than our current self. Make a stand and plan for a healthier future. Then drop all excuses and execute. As always love your skin and what’s within no matter where you are on your journey. Let us #elevate #HuemanTribe


  1. “Importance of Physical Activity.” President’s Council on Sports, Fitness & Nutrition, Accessed 14 Nov. 2018.

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