Sand, Steel and Summits

This is a path that’s completely different than the templated three-day conferences and weekend boot camps. Sand, Steel and Summits is a 14-week, longitudinal program designed specifically for men.

Healthy Hueman Glossary: (I)

Irritability: Yes, we all get this Hueman annoyance… but how do we choose to overcome it is what a Healthy Hueman remains focused on. The body is one interconnected web of systems that constantly strives for homeostasis. The stresses or ups and downs of a day do much to unsettle that natural rhythm. So, weContinue reading “Healthy Hueman Glossary: (I)”

Healthy Hueman Glossary (F)

FFaith: A foundational principle for any Hueman to ground themselves to. Whether it is The Great Creator God you also believe in or if you believe in the Hueman brain, science or money – you mentally, consciously and subconsciously depend upon something to glue your world together. The more stable the source the more stabilityContinue reading “Healthy Hueman Glossary (F)”