Healthy Hueman Glossary: (I)

Irritability: Yes, we all get this Hueman annoyance… but how do we choose to overcome it is what a Healthy Hueman remains focused on. The body is one interconnected web of systems that constantly strives for homeostasis. The stresses or ups and downs of a day do much to unsettle that natural rhythm. So, we have to have surefire methods to counter and recalibrate our systems. Breathing practices are one of the most prominent awareness practices. Fitness is a major way to balance and modulate stress in a proactive manner. I urge you to assess what causes you stress and then the top three methods that are not destructive which yield success in relieving the feelings of anxiety and irritation. Take control and wield the POWER that has always been yours. This is a puzzle that meds and others opinions cannot ease for you. Getting to know yourself and who you see yourself becoming is genuinely one of the most tranquil undertakings you can embark on.

Indigestion: The feeling of an upset stomach is something we all have experienced and loath to have again. But why does it happen? When we consume food, it goes through a continuous process of breakdown. Beginning with the sight and smell of food we salivate and in our saliva is amylase. This is an enzyme that specializes in the breakdown of carbohydrates. So, the yams or brown rice you are plating up are already having a ‘red carpet’ rolled out for them. Then we begin to masticate and that is the physical method of minimizing the size of the food particles we are ingesting. Our stomach does a lot of the heavier chemical breakdowns and usually this is where the issues will show up due to imbalances in the stomach’s gastric juices.

What I want us to focus on today is preparing our stomach for digestion to avoid indigestion. You see, eating our meals is not an instant occurrence. The flow is not as follows:

  1. Tummy rumbling
  2. Sight food
  3. Fill up our face
  4. Go back to being productive

Not at all. Not by a long shot. I mean by the Great and Sole Creator we are Huemans! We have brains and they are in no means a simple entity. We have our gut where our immune system is developed. The microbiome in our stomachs alone deserves some respect and the way we do that, the way we honor our immune system building and energy synthesizing belly is by not launching food down our face tube and expecting instant energy. This process is one that every Hueman needs to harness and embrace with full faith so that they can elevate their existence. Just by altering the manner in which we feed ourselves (we should really treat it like a feast. Feasts are courses built upon one another for a spectacular satiation) our ability to fight off infections, inflammation, lethargy and constipation can be elevated exponentially.

  1. Hydration – 16oz of clean and pure water + ¼ tsp of sea salt + ¼ tsp of cream of tartar + 1 tbs of apple cider vinegar (ACV is known for its protein synthesizing capacity)
  2. A calm environment and hopefully some family or friends to share the meal with.
  3. Fruit as our first solid because of the high quantity of enzymes that will prepare your G.I. tract for optimal digestion. Depending on the meal you have prepared you can prepare your first course of fruit accordingly – sweet, sub-acidic, acidic, melon.
  4. A properly portioned plate. Yes, we all have the savory and sweet dishes that we can load up on our plate but we need to value our future state of being. Are we prepping for sleep? Are we just having lunch and then headed back to work? Is it only breakfast? These are the variables that should be our first determiners of how we shall eat our way to satiation. Our hands are a major method of serving size. Check out this excerpt from an article posted by my school ISSA (International Sports Sciences Academy)
  • protein, such as meat, fish, or poultry, is the size of your palm.
  • vegetables or fruit is about the size of your fist.
  • carbs, such as rice or potatoes, is the size of a cupped handful.
  • snacks, such as pretzels or chips, is the size of a cupped handful.
  • cheese or nuts is the length of your thumb
  • Eat slowly and enjoy each and every bite. The food you prepared deserves your pleasure. Aren’t you pleased with the work you put in? Then do not fly through this feast like your TPS reports (LMBO I am a 90s baby and yes Office Space is a hilarious production in my eyes)

This topic is in need of a full post and I will be sure to deliver but what is most important is that you have a solid understanding of the ingestion process. When we are dehydrated and hungry yet we eat a burger as soon as we get home, we have set ourselves up for pain. In order to digest the turkey, beef or chickpeas we need water, in order for our colon to break down the fats that I hope you used to flavorify your patty and onions you need a proper amount of bile to be produced. Bile production can be enhanced by limes. So, a squeeze of that in your water will help you sit easy while you enjoy your post meal entertainment instead of running to and from the bathroom or moaning and complaining while everyone laughs at the funny scenes.

intuition: A healthy Hueman should be aware of its surroundings. We should have a deep understanding of how our environment works and how we as Huemans respond to various stimuli. No, we are not going to end up mind readers and clairvoyants. But we can become much less stressed in our day to day lives by simply paying more attention to our surrounding and our feelings when we interact in those environments. Through a thorough understanding of our environment and those we share it with (not just Huemans but birds, trees and bees as well) we instinctively become better at bringing value to the scenario by waving on a higher vibrational frequency. Our vibration is higher and stronger because we are melding with our surroundings and through that ingratiation, we feel what our fellow organisms feel. Only when we turn off the weapons of mass distraction like the “Tell-Lie-Vision”: telling lies to your eyes/vision, and tune into the vast expansive reality we exist in can we elevate to a higher plane. Reintroduce yourself to the universe and witness how aware and intuitive you become. Who knows, you may really be intuit.

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