Healthy Hueman Glossary (A)

Vitamin A:  A fat soluble vitamin that Is crucial for skin and eye health through lubrication. It is also very important for glandular secretions in the mouth or nasal passage or any of the skin that is internal. Vitamin A in its biologically most usable form is Retinoic Acid which is key to immune system function, production of white blood cells, homeostasis and transportation of our immune system’s main fighters (T Cells).

Foods rich in vitamin A-

Beta Carotenes (All Pre-vitamin A) Sweet potatoes, carrots, red bell pepper, spinach, broccoli, mango, apricot and pumpkin.

Retinols (Vitamin A ready/Retinol) Egg yolk, cod liver, butter, cheese.

Ashwagandha: Native root of India ‘dating’ back about 6,000 years. The name is derived from the smell and attested potency of the plant: Ashwa (Horse) Gandha (Odor).  The traditional classification is Rasanya which means something that lengthens lifespan. Its modern medical classification is an adaptogen which is a natural substance that helps the body deal with stress more efficiently.  In Ayurvedic it is classified as bhalya which means something which increases strength and vajikara which is identified as something to increase healthy sexual function. This amazingly beneficial plant is key for stress reduction due to its powerful cortisol balancing effects. Pack that in with the proven muscle and strength increases and you have a lifelong benefactor for your health as a Hueman.

Apple Cider Vinegar: A genuine miracle liquid here Tribe. Simple in its construction that is not dissimilar to making alcohol. Crushed apples and yeast turn into acetic acid and that is where the benefits really reside. Its ability to control glucose during a fast and increase the body’s ability to burn fat through thermogenesis should be shouted from the mountain tops. The benefits do not cease there. Acetic acid has a truly intriguing affect on AMPK. AMPK in short is the body’s enzyme that regulates energy storage and release signaling/communication. It occurs in the brain and in the body. With the addition of acetic acid from apple cider vinegar, the enzyme AMPK decreases in the brain and increases in the body. So, simultaneously our body is signaling the usage of stored energy while the brain is in a sense of satiation. This is why ACV is so powerful during fasting. A tribal staple!

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