Healthy Hueman Glossary (E)

E Exercise: This deserves such a broad and universal definition and that is what we huemans shall give it. What is structured movement to you? Is it your evening walk with your spouse? Is it the 5am chest bump with the iron? CrossFit with the Community? Hiking or hooping? When you set aside time toContinue reading “Healthy Hueman Glossary (E)”

Healthy Hueman Glossary (A)

A  Vitamin A:  A fat soluble vitamin that Is crucial for skin and eye health through lubrication. It is also very important for glandular secretions in the mouth or nasal passage or any of the skin that is internal. Vitamin A in its biologically most usable form is Retinoic Acid which is key to immuneContinue reading “Healthy Hueman Glossary (A)”