Healthy Hueman Glossary (B)


Vitamin B: Is a complex of eight different vitamins and all of them are water soluble. Thiamine(B1), Riboflavin(B2), Niacin(B3), Pantothenic Acid(B5), Pyridoxine(B6), Biotin(B7), Folic Acid(B9) and Cobalamin(B12). They are all important in their own right and crucial to our longevity. For example, these complex vitamins have major roles in cell function and nervous system synchronicity. Vitamins B1, B2, B3 and Biotin are responsible for energy production. Whether through metabolizing and processing fatty acids or ensuring our organs and brain are operating optimally their roles cannot be overlooked. B5, B7, B9 are all key to healthy nervous system functions such as nerve health and the protection and generation of our DNA. Through a healthy Heritage Diet that is rich in diverse vegetables and Fatty fish you will have no difficulty acquiring your daily needs of this wide variety of essential vitamins.

Foods rich in Vitamin B-

Salmon, spinach, collards, lentils, chickpeas, pinto beans, plain Greek yogurt, nutritional yeast (AKA Nooch).

Bee Pollen:  Authentic narrations state over 1400 years ago by the beloved Prophet of the Muslims Muhammad ibn Abdullah (Peace be upon him)-

 “There are two cures for you: honey and the Qur’an.” An Arabic writer, Ibn Majili, quotes the words of the Prophet(PBUH): “Honey is a medicine for the body and the Qur’an is a medicine for the soul. Benefit yourselves from the use of the Qur’an and honey.”

This utterly amazing Superfood is packed with every single micronutrient the body needs to survive. Enzymes for digestion; fatty acids for energy and cell protection; proteins, carbohydrates and so many trace minerals that are easily assimilated into the body. Bee pollen is the male seed of the flowers which any individual pollen jack visits on any given flight. Within each granule contains upward of 4 million grains of individual pollen. Within each pollen grain lies the entire DNA structure of a plant. Stop and think about the different herbal uses of botanical plants and flowers and visualize this potency with me Tribe. We are from the earth and this is a process not repeated anywhere in nature for any other two species i can think of off hand. The cow does not give back to the earth in a pollen spreading fashion even when wildly grazed. In fact it destroys our atmosphere at higher rates of production whereas bees would only cause more flowers and plants to enter the scene for pollen acquisition. There are 5k-10k different enzymes good for digestive health depending on the flowers visited in a season. Not only is this a black belt in allergy season but it also decreases the oxidation of red & white blood cells. Bee pollen is also a major catalyst for weight loss due to its high lecithin content. Lecithin is a natural fat emulsifier that is responsible for the breakdown of the fats within our bodies to be utilized for energy. Bee pollen is genuinely overlooked as a genuine remedy and immune strengthener in and amongst the white lab coats and orange bottles.

It is best to get it as close to local as possible but if not available from organic bee keepers then order from where I have always gotten my supply:

BCAA (Branch Chained Amino Acids): Amino acids are the building blocks of protein molecules. A complete source of protein has a minimum number of each of the 9 essential amino acids needed by but not produced within the body. Of these amino acids three have an extended branched side chain. These are leucine, iso leucine and valine. Leucine is highly touted in the fitness world as a muscle building and muscle saving amino acid. It has a distinct impact on MTOR protein activity as well as HMB. These two are key to muscle building and preservation respectively. Iso leucine deals with the uptake of glucose for energy usage in the muscles which will assist in the slowing of muscular fatigue. Valine has little research done on it but we know from a holistically healthy standpoint that things work in synergy. So, to take it out and isolate the other two protein compounds would be offer an immediate and instant result of hypertrophy but this would come at the cost of the longevity efficacy of them working within the body altogether. During longer endurance workouts this here special compound powder is going to be golden.

I trust sourcing from

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