Healthy Hueman Glossary (C)


Vitamin C:  A water soluble vitamin also known as ascorbic acid. This micronutrient is very well known for its antioxidant properties, but it also has a major role in the synthesis and maintenance of collagen. Not to mention how key it is to the formation of bone, wound healing and many metabolic functions like the conversion of cholesterol to bile compounds for digestive enhancement, and transforming the amino acid tryptophan into serotonin. It is also something we should factor in immediately if our iron levels are not so strong.  So not only will this vitamin protect us for the common cold but it will also encourage proper sleep and digestion.

Fresh fruit sources are my go-to. Nothing fancy nothing special. Whatever is in season and that I can afford I acquire. Citrus fruit like pineapple and grapefruit will pack a real tropical punch.

Chaga: Native to the colder northern climates around the world like Europe, Russia and Canada, chaga has one of the most potent ORAC scores. The oxygen radical absorbent capacity measures how powerful an anti-oxidant is. This fungus is grown on birch trees and like all mushroom compounds it must go through a dual extraction process to release the vital components that have so many benefits. This single ‘shroom has powerful anti-viral/anti-fungal/anti-cancer properties. The trifecta of wellness. Chaga is a proven performance enhancer via its ability to maximize liver and muscle glycogen and reducing lactic acid development. After you have taking your fitness routine to the next level you can rest easy the next day in your fears of swelling. The anti-inflammatory properties actually cause the chemical mediators to be less sensitive thus causing for a more pain free recovery. Chemical mediators cause the intensity of pain and its continuation once an area is inflamed so by reducing them we can reduce overall discomfort.

My one and only trusted source is from four sigmatic:

Cordyceps: We arrive at our first Super organism that is highly beneficial to the holistically healthy Hueman being. The story behind this “shroom” is deserving of a marvel comic book and character in and of itself. Cultivated on the backs and in the larvae of a breed of caterpillar that reside above 3800 meters above sea level we can expect something unique with pretty stunning effects. Not being a fungus like other mushrooms makes it rare. The elevating enhancements of this organism range from improved vitality and vigor, athletic performance, blood sugar regulation, an increase brain function and enhanced memory. When I say cordyceps is bursting with anti-oxidants I am not selling you up a river. Superoxide dismutase (dealing with the partitioning of oxygen) and glutathione (key in healthy peroxidation of lipids) are actually increased in the body by cordyceps. When you pair its interaction with glutathione and its impact on triglycerides we can see how powerfully influential it can be when fighting coronary disfunction and disease. This has been my go to for a natural pre workout boost when there is something intensity focused and endurance related on the menu.

My one and only trusted source is from four sigmatic:

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