Healthy Hueman Glossary (E)


Exercise: This deserves such a broad and universal definition and that is what we huemans shall give it. What is structured movement to you? Is it your evening walk with your spouse? Is it the 5am chest bump with the iron? CrossFit with the Community? Hiking or hooping? When you set aside time to get your body in motion you are exercising. You don’t need to be sweating for your metabolism to shift. You do not need to pump the weights for 3 hours in order to get some quality exercise in. To exercise is to eliminate bodily stagnation for any prolonged period of time. No, getting off the couch and walking to the fridge methodically for those sweet vegan energy bites is not exercise. But walking to the market up the street to retrieve the ingredients is. Now go get moving, Tribe.

Estrogen: The predominantly female sex reproductive hormone (though present in males but in a fractional amount) produced by the ovaries, kidneys, the adrenal glands and the breasts. Estrogen is transported through the body via blood in the circulatory system. Its main purpose is reproductive by preparing the female body for gestation internally and externally. Developing and maturing smooth tissue and stimulating ovarian processes beginning at the pubescent stage and continuing through to the end of menstruation. In men the role of estrogen is a component of sperm production but unhealthy levels of it can lead to feminine characteristics. Healthy levels of estrogen in women will correlate with healthy cholesterol levels and bone density. Foods that optimize digestion, stabilize glucose levels and assist the liver are going to balance this hormone. So, aim for citrus like grapefruit and lime; flaxseed and avocado.

Vitamin E: Alpha-Tocopherol is not only a vitamin that benefits our blood consistency but it is a powerful antioxidant that boosts our cellular health. With big city living comes heavy air pollution and we do not escape that. It lays on our skin and we inhale it constantly. Water alone cannot flush these toxins from our body. Vitamin E strengthens the cell in such harsh oxidizing conditions.

Rich sources can be found in good organic olives, pumpkin seeds, almonds, and broccoli.

Lesser sources (9-13%) good organic red peppers, beet greens and pumpkin squash.

Vitamin E is a fat-soluble source of antioxidants so by having a diet rich in it we can store a proper amount for times of need.

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