Asian Heritage Diet

(Japanese for ‘peace’)Heiwa,

It is my absolute pleasure to explore, experience and learn about the heritage behind the hunger satiating cookery of Asia! As the most densely populated continent on the planet we can count on a diversity of flavors and culinary techniques. Specialties vary, as in all regions, but the merriment of flavors not only within a dish but throughout the serving of all courses is one of the unique ways the Asian heritage Diet sets itself apart from the field.

Taking into account availability, accessibility and ability to purchase vegetables and meats the culture prizes the totality of its dishes and the manner in which they share them. A universal saying to be quoted, “A table linked at the edges with good chi will always leave the bellies beneath in glee.” Vegetables, sauces and broths are foundational elements in this heritage no matter where you go. The presence of a starch like a rice or buckwheat noodle is synonymous to the American pairing of a potato or biscuit. The preparation of each ingredient is just as important as the flavor profile it provides. With the Asian cultures you are going to get the full indulgence of sweet, salty, umami, savory and spicy. The cooperative element of mouth feel takes their approach to cuisine to an elevated tier. Crunchy, firm, silky, sticky, slimy and chewy just to name a few of the most elemental textures gone for in this cultures cooking.

As always what is on offer here will be my take from the inspiration of my research on this culture. Let us also take the time when Indulging in this region’s food, or any for that matter, to connect with the history that is behind the bite. Be more in tune with what you consume this decade and beyond. Be conscious of what elements elevate others and how certain ingredients became household staples in that culinary category. You will be amazed at the symmetry and synergy of food and huemanity.

(Vietnamese for ‘enjoy’)thưởng thức

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