Healthy Hueman Glossary (H)

Hydration: The replenishment of our cells is a continuous process that is in need of water. Water and electrolytes. Solute and soluble. Catalyst and co factor. The foundation of all life is water and we find ourselves comprised of more than 60% of this molecular structure. But, to be absolutely hydrated we require more thanContinue reading “Healthy Hueman Glossary (H)”

A Top Tier Toner

My Super Sister Jaspreet AKA Kaur Health PKA Hipster Veggie is vicariously shining through this one for all of you my Tribe! Check her out at to begin building your base of reliable KNOWLEDGE SEEKER & TEACHERS. My fellas out there this is especially for you as well! It is time to take backContinue reading “A Top Tier Toner”

Sweet Potato Curry

I have been waiting to share one of my absolute favorite recipes to make at home. With all organic and even vegan ingredients this will certainly be a go to staple for you as well. Creamy, savory and sweet all in one bowl. This curry pairs well with quinoa, brown/vegetable rice or a gluten freeContinue reading “Sweet Potato Curry”