Healthy Hueman Glossary (F)

Ponder the creation and your heart will find the Creator


A foundational principle for any Hueman to ground themselves to. Whether it is The Great Creator God you also believe in or if you believe in the Hueman brain, science or money – you mentally, consciously and subconsciously depend upon something to glue your world together. The more stable the source the more stability provided. The ultimate goal is to ground yourself so that you can remain rooted in shifting sands that are sure to come. As the mountains are the pegs of the earth our faith too is the peg of our topsy turvy rolling sea voyage of life. Get Grounded and Remain Rooted.

Just a multi-dimensional being having a 3-D experience


Discard your anti-social media and discount your true family members. Who is left and how do they add value to your existence? How do they keep your iron sharp so that you may articulate and act according to your intended elevation. Huemans are exceedingly intimate beings. We not only desire the right company for the right scenario but we NEED it.

Your vibe attracts your tibe so remember the one’s who are around, or not, are most likely there because of the vibes you radiate. Look for Huemans who seek you out rather than you always seeking them out and observe how important to them you genuinely are. You just may begin to respect and therefore defend the term FRIEND as it deserves. Vibe on Healthy Huemans! Vibe on.

Nature is my playground and my gym!

Functional Fitness:

A buzz term nowadays but an essential piece of our life. Whether an athlete, child, working citizen or college student there are basic movements we all need to be able to do. Getting up from the bed is one of them. The next most common one is getting up from relieving ourselves. How about lifting up that beautiful baby girl we prayed for? Or carrying home that good organic fresh produce from our local market? These all require foundational movements or movements that require two or more joints to work together in order to complete it.

The kettlebell getup, the squat and the deadlift are used on an innumerable scale each and every day by all people. Not to mention the standing overhead press and the lunge. Functional fitness for me is different than it is for you. Functional fitness is different for a MotoGP legend like Valentino Rossi than it is for an up and coming NBA Star like Kyle Kuzma. The Functional fitness of a 3rd grade teacher is definitely diffferent than that of the local firewoman showing up to let those 8/9 year olds play on her Big Red Truck. What is functional is unique and proper for the person functioning. Keep it moving Huemans! We have different demands and schedules but what we all have time for is 20 minutes of foundational training a day.

If you found this compelling, inspiring, intriguing or enlightening then please share this out with your loved ones so that we, together, may raise the vibrations of the Planet and its Peoples.


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