Healthy Hueman Glossary (H)


The replenishment of our cells is a continuous process that is in need of water. Water and electrolytes. Solute and soluble. Catalyst and co factor. The foundation of all life is water and we find ourselves comprised of more than 60% of this molecular structure. But, to be absolutely hydrated we require more than just clean and pure fresh good water. We need the elements of the cosmos that balance, improve, or enhance the internal messaging system known as the nervous system. Our nerve firings are actual electrochemical messengers sending ascending and descending signals to and from the brain telling us everything from our environmental temperature to how fast our bike is traveling and the acts of fanning ourselves or pedaling the bicycle. Electrolytes (Specific minerals that dissolve in water) are a foundation block for improving the vital actions of sending and receiving nerve signals. Calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium all deal with ‘fluid’ balance and that is just as key as the quantity of good quality pure clean water.

CHECK OUT THIS POST – where I speak in depth about this foundational lesson on Hueman Health


How do we define this umbrella-like term? Is it the ability to run ultramarathons? Is it the subscriptions to a certain Energy Intake Approach? Is it the lack of any chronic diseases or their pre-stage markers? As Huemans, we need to look in the mirror and define it for ourselves along with the wholistic standards that apply to us for age, ethnicity, history and lifestyle. Not what a magazine or new social media filter photo says is the new body part to enhance or optimal way to exercise. We as Huemans can maximize if we simplify. Three areas of Hueman existence, if in balance, you will be in the pilot seat of your base existence. Food (Good and Organic); Fitness (Structured daily activity); Fraternization (Family and Friends). Balance them by keeping them in a sustainable state of harmony and growth. This is the Healthy Hueman Harmony that allows one to move deeper in Total Hueman Health which we will speak about in turn.



Another gratifying Hueman experience that requires more discourse. How do we achieve individual happiness? How do we achieve that without being socially disharmonious? This is deeply personal discussion that we must have internally. We must develop our vision for our greatest elevation. In that vision we have to reassure ourselves of our progress with continuous mini milestones. Smaller successes that add up to major ELEVATIONS. If we are ‘waving’ on a positive frequency in our “North Star Goal” process then we have to believe that our intentions will deliver the Planet and its peoples to a higher vibration as well. We should cite that which is uplifting and joy increasing to be happiness synthesizing. What brings you the sense of life and memory making? Where do you find your highest sense of elation and why? Is your feeling of elation aligned with your deepest intentions? Happiness is deep and it should be because when we achieve it we need to be able to have a full understanding and respect for it in order to defend it.

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