Pump Up Your Post Work Out with Some Organic OJ

Let’s talk about working out. What is it?

Essentially, working out is putting the body into a state of stress. That stress leads to a process of adaptation which creates a stronger more resilient body. We are micro-simulating the process of evolution.

When we put strength, agility and cardio training into a Hueman perspective, like say survival, it becomes clear that fitness and the immune system are integrally linked. So intra/post work out hydration/nutrition is key if we are doing long bouts of fitness.

Often times athletes turn to commercialized sports drinks because that is what is advertised to them. Without giving thought to the body’s processes at rest, in an aerobic state and an anaerobic state we can’t possibly provide it the optimal energy.


ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS hydrate adequately prior to exercise. Fluid balance is important and the process should be built into your normal habits. Working out is not when hydration happens. It will simply be a means of lubricating your throat and nose as your breathing elevates. However, if you properly hydrate prior to your pump you will be able to benefit from an Organic juice boost right after the sweating session. A natural source of immune boosting vitamin C will provide natural sugars, potassium plus vitamins B & C.

What I love to do is shake up–

10oz of UNCLE MATT’S ORGANIC® Orange Juice

A splash of Organic apple cider vinegar (about 1 tbs)

1 tsp of Organic cream of tartar

¼ tsp of Organic ground ginger or ginger juice

This gets my fluid balance proper and prepares my stomach for a real meal to replenish my macro stores.


Get some of UNCLE MATT’S ORGANIC® Orange juices next time you are out and do your future body a favor. Enjoy!

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