Pump Up Your Post Work Out with Some Organic OJ

Let’s talk about working out. What is it? Essentially, working out is putting the body into a state of stress. That stress leads to a process of adaptation which creates a stronger more resilient body. We are micro-simulating the process of evolution. When we put strength, agility and cardio training into a Hueman perspective, likeContinue reading “Pump Up Your Post Work Out with Some Organic OJ”

Healthy Hueman Glossary (H)

Hydration: The replenishment of our cells is a continuous process that is in need of water. Water and electrolytes. Solute and soluble. Catalyst and co factor. The foundation of all life is water and we find ourselves comprised of more than 60% of this molecular structure. But, to be absolutely hydrated we require more thanContinue reading “Healthy Hueman Glossary (H)”