Stuffed Peppers: Raw & Remixed

I have taken in the different approaches of stuffed peppers (including my mother’s delicious recipe from childhood) and I have come to the conclusion that the essence is in the seasoning. This is an amazing, culturally diverse dish that can be enjoyed from East Afrika to the Mediterranean and again back around to Central America.Continue reading “Stuffed Peppers: Raw & Remixed”

Afrikan Heritage Diet Celebration

AFRIKAN (SUDANESE) HERITAGE MONTH Peace and blessings Tribe. We have arrived at the Orignal Heritage Diet–the Afrikan Heritage Diet. It is my heritage diet and the diet of my ancestors. Rich in flavor and aromas these stews and dishes are hearty and delicious. Made with patience and precision, the cuisine of the First Land isContinue reading “Afrikan Heritage Diet Celebration”

Mediterranean Heritage Diet

As in all cases of the Oldways-PT heritage diets, the Mediterranean option is based on a plethora of fruits and vegetables. From artichoke to avocado to sweet potato and shallot. Fragrance and flavors are abundant when building a meal out of the available ingredients. I will be highlighting just a few of the possibilities youContinue reading “Mediterranean Heritage Diet”