Meso Coco

INGREDIENTS LIST 1 cinnamon stick (about the size of your thumb if quite thick; if more pencil like, then grab an index finger length stick.) 2.5 tbs cacao powder 1 tbs maca ¼ tsp nutmeg 2 tbs unrefined coconut sugar 6oz coconut milk 6oz filtered water 1 tbs cacao butter Pour liquids into a sauceContinue reading “Meso Coco”

Mediterranean Heritage Diet

As in all cases of the Oldways-PT heritage diets, the Mediterranean option is based on a plethora of fruits and vegetables. From artichoke to avocado to sweet potato and shallot. Fragrance and flavors are abundant when building a meal out of the available ingredients. I will be highlighting just a few of the possibilities youContinue reading “Mediterranean Heritage Diet”

The Frugal Zulu

Healthy eating and fine cookery is not an expensive engagement. It is a matter of being aware of and learning how to source the best ingredients at the best price for the occasion and then being able to utilize them successfully in order to complete the task. By getting in touch with the sustenance thatContinue reading “The Frugal Zulu”