Top Tier Greetings,

I often hear myself internally chanting the motto, “Pedal for progress” whenever faced with a sour situation out on my bike. Other times when a uniquely friendly bunch of riders, wave and give salutations in my direction, I’ll swing the chant their way with a smile. You know – The Healthy Hueman way! But sometimes my acts of activism in the athletic and recreation worlds are not so much for the worlds I stand in solidarity with as much as they may be for me in the moment.

As I am born and raised in the PNW (Pacific Northwest) I have been exposed to my share of outdoor recreation. As soon as I could pedal, I was off into the woods until sunset. Returning with the sweet scent of sweaty pre-teen boy and an earthen aroma. On my own dirt bike at 5 (literally I got my dirt bike on my 5th birthday) and camping years before then. As I grew older and society gripped my self-esteem and shook it like a ragdoll I found that I really wasn’t wanted… ANYWHERE. What a calamity at such a vulnerable and meaningful time period (ages 12-24). What I found is that if I did just enough to not be singled out while not simultaneously being a part of the group that singled out those to be heckled, abused or used as bait I could survive in this meaningless urban existence. This could never last.

After having my armor dented and damaged to the degree it hurt more to wear it or even carry it than to unveil my protected, extremely vulnerable mental and physical flesh – I did just that. I revealed who I was. First to myself and then slowly to the world as I saw fit. This process was rough. It was hard. It was jarring and difficult to continue to push through to the end. As I have done the work already, I can’t help but think of ALL the other Black males out there doing the work to unveil their ridiculous social protective gear. The journey is long and arduous but the World is grateful and gracious to those who put their minds and spirit first. So, carry on and see it through. Be the Hueman you want to look up to. The Hueman you wish to be!

Below is my mode of aspiration and operation to undo the intergenerational traumas and horizontal oppressions that have occurred for those who resemble my younger trials and conditions. Through the Brown Boys Behind Bars Initiative I truly hope to wholistically impact my community and the world in a massive way.


Hueman Reincarnation

Your journey to absolute elevation in all areas of Hueman existence is a 10-week process of undeniable progress. Before you invest in another gym membership or wellness retreat invest in your approach to being a healthy Hueman. Once you understand how it feels to be your most energized and resilient self you will not lose sight of the principles and practices that helped you ascend to the top tier.

Hueman Reincarnation Program

The 10 week transformation that answers every necessary question in each aspect of your life – Food, fitness and fraternization, with strategies and sustainable habits to perpetually propel you forward to a better you. Schedule your intake today by sending a message with ‘Ready To Reincarnate’ in the subject heading. I’ll see you soon!



Hueman Infusions – A class to elevate your coffee at home

Did COVID keeping you away from your favorite coffee shop? Do you wish you could make your own coffee with all the flavors you enjoy? Do you want more from your daily cup o’ joe – like a brain boost or an extra kick for your workout?

My new class – Hueman Infusions – will teach you how to transform the coffee you’re making at home into the best cup you’ve ever had…one even your favorite coffee shop can’t match. Learn about the origins of beans and their flavor profiles, flavor combinations using spice pairings from around the world, and why sea moss (yes, sea moss) is one of the best additions to your daily nutrient intake.

This 55-minute class is only $24 and will get you on your way to Flavor-town.

Buy the class for only $24 to access exclusive content.


Sand, Steel and Summits

I’m Zeke Khali, The Healthy Hueman!

Peace and Prosperity fellow Huemans

There’s something we have in common… If you’ve had that feeling like there is something you want out of life but can’t quite get? Or do you want to figure out how to set your life up to compete at the highest level—whether that’s actually achieving your earning potential or maybe outpacing your peers?

I’d like to share something new with you; a path that’s completely different than the templated three-day conferences and weekend boot camps. Sand, Steel and Summits is a 14-week, longitudinal program designed specifically for men.

What does Sand, Steel and Summits’ program look like? It’s three days a week for 14 weeks. Each participant is part of a small, dedicated eight-man cohort. The program includes one-on-one guidance, in-person group activities, guided study and catalytic coursework, travel to some of the most beautiful local destinations in nature, and most importantly, scheduled time for you to focus on you!

The only difference between your current self and the SuperHueman you’ll be in the future is the dedication and belief that you are more than ordinary—that you are worth it. You owe you. And those who invest heavily in themselves find that they harvest their highest potential from their lives.

This is a path that’s completely different than the templated three-day conferences and weekend boot camps. Sand, Steel and Summits is a 14-week, longitudinal program designed specifically for adult males.

Are you ready to excavate your inner summit?

Through this small eight-person cohort, I integrate three key elements of each man’s life to help successfully elevate your careers and your impact. My program is constructed in experiential learning over time. It folds together individual development with team leadership and engagement, but most importantly, improvement-based physical fitness.

Through Sand, Steel and Summits, you are better positioned to lead, work with and mentor teams, as well as successfully achieve goals not just at work, but with your family and friends, in your volunteer activities, in your communities and for yourself. Remaining rooted in shifting sands, you will continue to inspire confidence in team members, executing even when unpredictable variables come into play.

Sand Steel and Summits is built to build momentum. And, I like to say, it is “uniquely basic” in its approach.

During the 14 weeks, you will participate in focused physical fitness training that will boost cognitive and metabolic function. The Steel training program is designed for relative strength increases and durability.

Why fitness? Science has shown that consistency and improvement in physical fitness generate more than physical strength. You will see improvement in cognitive and neurological function such as a heightened sense of awareness, memory retention and recall, as well as decision-making ability and focus.

Simultaneously, you will participate in introspective, skills-based activities to develop your inner summit—mastering your own “why” and “how” to achieve your goals. This is coupled with activities around functional and social engagement with teams, both as a leader and a follower, so ultimately, you learn to lead with accountability, empathy, resiliency and will remain future-focused on success.

As a Sand, Steel and Summit graduate, you will be ready to transition into the next tier of leadership.

On the following pages, you will find a bit more detail about the Sand, Steel and Summits program.

Know that I commend you for considering an investment in yourself in general and appreciate you considering my program. I am committed to your success and look forward to getting to know you and seeing you improve in all facets of your life.

Z’heir ‘Zulu Zeke’ Khali, The Healthy Hueman

Wholistic Performance Enhancement Specialist, Master Trainer


Listed below are key aspects of the Sand, Steel and Summits 14-week program. This is not an exhaustive list, but is meant to provide you with an understanding of how my approach is multi-faceted and engages you as a complete Hueman.

You will learn how to allow the earth and its energy to be your therapist.


Finding balance internally will happen through a clean ion-exchange with activities located near rushing water, old growth forests and sweeping alpine meadows.  The program purposefully reconnects you with nature and taps into your root chakra through an (almost) weekly multi-hour immersion in the vast evergreen backyard of the Pacific Northwest. You can expect to participate in two types of eco immersions.

Come on Fellas let’s get outdoors and get a lil dirty while we grow!

Adventure Eco-Therapy

We will be trail running and gravel biking in some of the most calming and captivating locations in the country; hiking some of the most sought-after trails on the globe; camping to increase the growth of comradery and connection as Huemans in the natural world; participating in sunrise mindfulness activities and mobility work in the mountains.

Introspective Awareness Eco-Therapy

While adventure eco-therapy wakes your spirit, this immersion is intentionally more calming. Activities may include:  community garden participation; volunteering with the Washington Trails Association; lakeside guided group meditation; oceanside grounding and retreats.


This is about you, so let’s work on getting you to focus on you. The “training” you will receive in this part of the program is about support—letting me help you. These one-on-one guidance sessions include:

  • One, one-hour in-person meeting bi-weekly.
  • Two, 30-minute video calls per week through a private Microsoft Teams link.
  • Monthly ‘Open Door’ policy for coursework review and personal reflection.

There will also be weekly fellowship and scheduled group activities with the other men in your cohort to learn how to naturally wield the new skills being learned within yourself.

Additionally, you will receive a curated list of reading materials to help encourage and guide you through the changes you can expect to see in yourself.

To provide structure and to help you see progress over the duration of the program, six introspectively-clarifying, horizon-focusing written assignments will be expected from you.

Other aspects of the sand curriculum include:

Learn how to sit with your thoughts and ambitions so you can manifest the latter.

Introspective Exploration & Engagement

The power of the Sand curriculum resides in its raw introspection and personal engagement principles. The written elevations catalyze the necessary assessment and growth of each man to provide you with an internal map of how you can rise to your fullest male potential even when sands beneath his feet are constantly shifting.

Team Leadership Efficacy

With the objective to propel you forward to higher levels of responsibility and obligation in your respected fields (i.e. leadership roles), a core goal of the Sand curriculum is to deliver better stewards who can guide from the front in order to lead their team or family forward. We will focus on conveying and cementing the characteristics of a solid and dependable leader in real life applications. We will optimize your interpersonal skills, group gathering and strategy facilitation, active listening skills and colleague connection.

Relative strength and power is ALL that matters to a Man. How capable can you become?


By focusing on what you can do and then doing a little more beyond that, you will make a leap from where you are – to where you want to be, physically. The Steel program is built using improvement-based physical fitness. This is not just fitness for the sake of building a fit body, but also focuses on improvements in neurological and cardiovascular function, proprioception, healthy testosterone productivity and strength.

You can expect 90-minutes of hybrid training and conditioning two mornings a week that may include kettlebell, barbell, ballistics and plyometric training balanced with mobility, agility and flexibility training modalities.

There will also be de-load weeks where training is led by internationally-renowned, strong male instructors who specialize in myofascial release and massage.

Combined, this foundational and functional fitness has been scientifically proven to improve nerve longevity, increase positive hormonal activity, mental acuity, memory retention and many other cognitive benefits.


Break through to your inner summit—this is where all your work comes together in a fulsome way. I developed Masculinity Awareness Training (MAT) to help you define and achieve your personal inner summit.

Interpersonal capacities are by far the vaguest area in all of Hueman existence that a man needs to navigate. Equally, they cause more men than necessary to fall into habits detrimental to themselves, their colleagues, friends, family and the world at large.

By owning the absolute fact that we are not just Huemans with external reproductive organs and accepting that there is nothing wrong with a man expressing empathy or evaluating the emotional weight of a scenario, sustainable evolutions can be made.

As men, we must remove ourselves from the bubble of self-indulgence and narcissism and own our part of the societal discord. We must be fully aware that the energy we exude can and will affect others we come in contact with. We must be fully aware of our intonation, gaze and gait. It is a mindful mind frame that is required to become a future-focused leader.  And our children, other men and even women are begging us to do so.

Through MAT, we as men will be able to achieve balance in the world. You will be fully cognizant of your purpose, how best to stand for it, commit to it, and see that others respect your determination to deliver the best of your potential.

By fully ingratiating yourself in Masculine Awareness Training, you will learn to embrace, own and harness the power of what it really, truly means to not just say “I am a man,” but to know through your dedication to self and universal harmony that you are a steward of manhood—that you have achieved your own inner summit. 

Investment in self: $9,500

Sand, Steel and Summits

Sand Steel and Summits 14-week training program for men


Your Return on Investment? Infinite stability, confidence and capability internally and externally.

The Summit Awaits!


YOU are WORTH it!

Peace and blessings,

After my last episode of “The Hueman Health Show” I felt I needed to do more for all of us who have had traumatic experiences and mental health imbalances. I feel we are blessed with gifts by The Creator and those talents are to be spent in 3 ways. To care for ones self and relatives. To enjoy in a non destructive manner. To help those who have less talents, access and/or capabilities.

So that is what I am doing right here! RIGHT NOW!

If you are currently meeting with a counselor, psychiatrist, psychologist and/or receiving medication for any mental dis-ease then bring your proof and I will instantly give you a 33% discount on your total program.

Your life is worth so much more than oil and gold and I want you to know that. I am here to be in your corner. Fitness is a PROVEN stress reliever and catalyst of neurological growth. The nervous system and metabolism are KEY factors in a healthy and chemically balanced mind so investing in yourself through nutrition and fitness programs specifically tailored to those needs will bring an ever blossoming repayment to YOUR future.

Contact me directly at ZuluZeke@TheHealthyHueman.com with the subject title “IM WORTH IT” and we will set up a free consultation to get YOU on the path to YOUR fullest potential.


Getting your employer to work for YOU!

Let me say a quick “Top Tier Gretings” and introduce myself so you know why I’m writing to you in the first place. I’m Zeke Khali, The Healthy Hueman, and I’m checking in about your focus on you.  I help people bridge the gap between their current state and who they can become as their best form through direct engagement with their health and their life outlook.  Through actionable and participatory education around the “how” of being healthy, I lead individuals to lifelong and life-sustaining skills so they can live with strength and infinite expectations of resilience…and ultimately, teach others to do the same. 

Our health is our wealth! No denying that. But why not allow our financial acquisitions to work in synergy with our physical fitness? Our Organic nutrition knowledge? Our mindset and stress relief RITUALS? Many of us are unaware that our very own employers provide many benefits that grant us more leverage to actually fulfill each of these areas.

**Health and wellness credits are often spoken about during the hiring process so it may do you some good to go back and rifle through your packets for outlines of employee packages.

The two most common reasons people provide for not being able to optimize their life through positive sustainable changes in the realms of food, fitness or fraternization are time and money. Take solace that we all battle the 168 hour a week clock and we all must set a standard for ourselves to reach our highest goals. As far as finances go, we have more help than one may perceive.

So if you are looking to elevate into your optimal existence with a Hueman who will be there to celebrate those sweet victories from the peaks of success with you and help lift the valleys of the plateau stages, then speak to your employer the next time you’re in the workplace and see how they can help you get rooted with The Healthy Hueman by using their employee credits.

A healthier employee is proven to –

  • Use significantly less sick leave over a two month and a one-year period when they engage in vigorous activity for one-hour 3x a week. (i.e short and long term studies)
  • Be more productive in the workplace.
  • Have a higher rate of knowledge and data retention.
  • Be able to manage stressful/anxiety ridden situations better than those who do no structure physical activity for at least 150 minutes per week.
  • Have a higher level of job satisfaction (Feeling content with their position & capability in said position).
  • Have a higher overall sense of contentment with their life.

An employer who desires long term success in their field of business is going to need consistently strong employees. Those employees are going to need to remain balanced or the company will become unbalanced. Simple to understand, right? I have never seen a row boat full of Huemans move when nobody had their hands on an oar. So to all employees and employers: The healthier your staff and colleagues are, the richer the results received from the collective efforts of the crew.

Harness your power by expressing your desire to become a healthier Hueman to your employer through health and wellness (Physical & Mental fintess; nutrition guidance or full wholistic immersion). Explain to them how your health is in direct correlation with your productivity potential (P.P.) and in essence this will bost your Earning potential (E.P.)

During ALL of 2021 I will be offering two unique fitness programs and two levels of nutritional guidance for an additional 15% discounted price to those who make take advantage of their employee wellness credits.

One day at a time, one step at a time, I am willing to stride by your side.

“I await your commitment to YOUR elevation like the rise of the sun because I know it’s just a matter of time”
Zeke Khali


The Potent Benefits of a Morning Walk Around Your Neighborhood

Top Tier Greetings My Tribe,

Lace up those Lamborfeeties and warm up your Chevrolegs… Its Bipedal locomotion time!

Stright to it then with three amazingly potent, easily attainable, life improving benefits.

  1. Builds a strong, healthy morning ritual that works on multiple fronts-physical, mental and emotional. PHYSICALLY you are getting your body moving Tribe! How awesome is that? circulating fresh blood that is intermingling with the crisp air (try to stay off main roads, as the auto traffic will deteriorate the quality of the air very quickly). You’re getting that lazy lymph active. Lympht is so valuable once it kicks into overdrive. Finally, the neurological function involved with a healthy gait over years of consistent implementation leads to higher levels of mobility in our elder years.
  2. EMOTIONALLY you feel clearer and more capable of linear thought due to the simplicity of solitutde in a world full of attention magnetics. This time of peace within a pandemic is unrivaled. That is why I am a major proponent of getting ourselves taken care of BEFORE we integrate our energy with the rest of the world’s energies. 30 minutes to be able to operate in a more emotionally stable state for ten hours sounds like a great investment to me.
  3. MENTALLY we are more aware of self and surrounding. We feel invigorated and perceptive as if we have been boosted with some Hueman enhancer. Why is that? We are not running so we cannot attain that runner’s high, right? Wrong. The onset flush we feel of life and vigor comes from the metabolic shift. The shift from carbohydrates to fatty acids due to the aerobic exercise. In addition the healthy blood flow encourages the dillation of blood vessels which we feel and ascribe to this “runner’s high”. Mentally the “high” continues because this is where the endorphins come into play. I want to speak lightly on this area for the same reason I do in other recent Tribal Posts: To get you up and doing something as soon as possible with the clearest outline as to how and why.

Bonus- MENTAL/PSYCHOLOGICAL aspects of almost all types of exercise are becoming more extensively documented. In essence, I want you to know that the body loves to be rewarded. Whether you know it or not. The body sets itself up for mental (and subsequently all other areas) for homeostasis by expecting; then striving to achieve; then pursuing to fruition. As simple as getting up morning after morning and doing some movement hygiene and then going for a 30 minute/2 mile walk develops around it a set of reward systems that chime off celebratory alarms from the time you do your first calf raise; to when you tie up your shoes; to when you step outside the door and turn down the block; to marking off those miles and returning home to stretch and elevate the rest of the day. So many valuable victories that the pleasure center of the brain really digs. Endorphins are released and the feel-good feng shui is facilitated.

Morning walks are generally much cooler or colder depending on your location. This produces stress like responses in the body (Good stress by the way) known as hormesis. The specific stress induced by the sudden and endured drop in environmental temperature sends a cascade of signals from the autonomic nervous system that, due to radiation and convection of our core heat when we walk outside, fires up our hypothalamus which triggers responses to maintain homeostasis. Whew! I know it is a mouthful but the power in this region of our brains to help us become more resilient and healthy without having to lift a weight or shop for expensive diet plans cannot be overstated. Just get outside and allow the work your ancestors did all those millenia ago to provide you with a gateway to your highest health potential.

Aerobic exercise and its reputable effect on the way our body metabolizes fat can’t be overlooked. When we engage in slow steady-state cardio we are using our (oxi)dative pathway. This simply means our body is using (oxy)gen as its main form of energy by interacting with our stored fat/lipids. In contrast to this form of exercise would be high-intensity interval training which can access sizeable amounts of lipid storage for energy though its bulk of caloric power comes in from (glyco)gen stores. Thus the term for that pathway is the (glycol)ytic pathway. Walking and super slow jogging are some of the easiest ways to get the detoxifying benefits of exercise as well as the cardiovascular improvements necessary to sustain optimal health as Huemans.

Stay Healthy Tribe,



The Stoplight Approach to a Healthier Existence

I know that you know I don’t do the diet preaching. Fact teaching with entertainment is much more fun. With that in mind, in my fact compiling and applying over the past year, I have found that color is significant to a higher vibration–not just mentally but physiologically. Above all else, food is information, not merely a filling for the cavern that is our belly.

<p value="<amp-fit-text layout="fixed-height" min-font-size="6" max-font-size="72" height="80">When you are in the Good Organic Food produce section have you ever taken note of the Good Organic citrus fruits or the melons? The seed structures or the deep hues in the flesh? From deep purple Good Organic grapes and cabbage to kale and avocado–everything our systems could ever need are there within the vast array of HUES!When you are in the Good Organic Food produce section have you ever taken note of the Good Organic citrus fruits or the melons? The seed structures or the deep hues in the flesh? From deep purple Good Organic grapes and cabbage to kale and avocado–everything our systems could ever need are there within the vast array of HUES!

But today we are focused on just a few aspects of the micronutrient sort as well as only three colors from the spectrum.

Antioxidants, alkalinity, hydration benefit, vitamins and minerals.

EEEEEERRRRRRR! Stop Light Alert.

Red. Yellow/Orange. Green.

Returning to the easiest level of understanding when it comes to this ever complex hueman body and the buzzterms you hear associated with it, it is my choice to constantly make examples and scenarios that will help minimize the gap between the seemingly distant knowledge and the present state of not knowing.

Things that are potentially harmful to our health are often explained in ways too difficult to immediately place an applicable meaning around. So as your dedicated educator I will do my due diligence to deliver sound information you can utilize.

When we see Good Organic red fruit whether it be berries or stone fruit like Good Organic cherries, we can be assured there is a concentration of micronutrients in those radiant and rich hues of scarlet, garnet, ruby and fiery red. Carotenoids provide the visual reference to antioxidants. Here we arrive at our first juncture to take a ride on the “Break-it-Down Express.”

Carotenoid Clues

What is an antioxidant? An antioxidant is a substance that inhibits oxidation. Anti, meaning against. Oxidation, the interaction with oxygen and in our case the disruption of the cellular balance. Think of carotenoids of as buffer to the effects of oxidation. So as the process of oxidation is catalyzed (began), the stores of antioxidants in the body will come out and negate the impacts. That is the skinny.


Now, when you are living an intentionally healthy lifestyle and you have a strong and well-fortified immune system from the Good Organic foods and fitness you have incorporated, your surplus will in essence begin to develop and encourage more healthy cellular growth and fortitude. Stronger, more resilient muscle and bone tissue will be generated with a constant supply of unadulterated nutrients and minerals, thus making you a completely and absolutely transformed individual.

When we are looking for vitamin C in particular it is always important to pair that intake with iron. This can be as simple as adding Good Organic goji berries to your smoothie, salad, sandwich or snack pack. Vitamin C is abundant in Good Organic red chili flake and cayenne pepper, Organic sweet red peppers, pomegranate, red cherries, strawberries and many more red fruits. Most of these pair well with savory or salty dishes as well as standing tall on their own.

A powerful superfood that deserves the tilte and categorization. STOCK UP


Now we shall turn our attention toward the next color abundant with antioxidants and vitamins. Yellow. With my favorite color comes a blend of benefits. Think of a Good Organic vibrant lemon and the fragrant flesh of a Good Organic peach. How about the sweet Good Organic yellow pepper or the succulence of Good Organic mangoes in spring? Maybe you are a fan of raw wholesome bee pollen and honey like I am which is saturated with amazing nutrient benefits like vitamin C and E, carotenoids, amino acids and is mega easy for our body to turn into readily usable energy.

Maybe you are not too sold on what I’m dishing up for the daily dose at the moment so walk with me a little further with the knowledge that this is only enlightened inspiration for you. A catalyst for your journey to a higher vibrational intention with your Good Organic fruits and foods. So as you pick your next fast breaking feast (yes, that is where the term breakfast is derived) or snack just use that Googler and look up the nutritional benefits your body will be reaping as your eating. You will be amazed!


Lets go green now. My favorite area in many ways and for a variety of reasons. Good Organic Green fruits are succulent and are key in rebuilding our body and detoxifying it. Good Organic green apples, kiwi, avocado, grapes, honeydew melon, soursop and lime – all boosters of our immune system and satiating. Lime is a powerful catalyst for proper bile production and it is alkaline. What do I mean by alkaline?

Is that the “B.I.D.” Express I hearing chugging along the rails again?

The measure of the body’s ability to buffer acid from one’s diet (consumed energy) and environment. Nitrogen heavy diets and damaged water from bad pipes and sources load the immune system down with chores for cleaning up. That in turn leads the body into a state of panic to eschew out all the residuals from its pathways. The lack of this ability leads to inflammation and inflammation leads to every dis-ease known to mankind. We haven’t even gotten into the mental detriment of an acidic lifestyle… never fear as we have not yet peeled back the layers of the power of herbs, roots and vegetables of the stoplight either.

All of these Good Organic fruits are naturally hydrating which benefits the facilitation of getting the energy from the food and sent around the body. They are amazing additions to a smoothie, blended all together or eaten separately in their Good Organic natural forms.

Remember that this is the perfect opportunity to get intimate with your food. Feast on your fruits this week and engage with the energy they provide. Go all in with the Good Organic reds or yellows aiming for all acidic and sub acidic fruits. Get clean with a bowl of Good Organic green grapes and kiwis that is. But there is nothing wrong with a plate full of Good Organic sweet and soft fleshy fruits all three colors like papaya, sweet raspberries and green bananas.

Take pics and send them my way. Comment below and let me know your favorite Good Organic fruit from each color category.

If you found this piece of health information inspirational then please send it to your loved ones with your expression of care for their elevation.

Much more to come from this new concept that I am eager to share with you.

Keep Elevated Vibes Tribe,

Zulu Zekey

Feast for your life everyday as if your future life depends on it.

3 Ways to Improve or Maintain Your Fitness Under “Stay at Home Measures”

Soon you will be back on the shores or the trails… but will you be able to play games or keep pace with your friends like you could before this massive shift in life balance and self awareness?

As we are undoubtedly already spending more hours in front of a screen than yours truly would approve of, I will not keep you here long. We are in a span of time right now that requires grit and self-motivation to, at the very least, remain level with what our previous state was prior to this pandemic. We can still have victory in our goals. We can still make gains so long as we have the determination to elevate.

Each of these approaches should be a part of your fitness regimen at some time or another (especially #1). None of the moves require equipment or extensive athletic ability so feel emboldened to get at it. Training at home is an opportunity to revisit our program goals, our seasonal ambitions and just get basic by polishing our foundation training. Feel free to pullout the kettlebell or whatever else you may decide on for your strength days but at no junction should the lack of such equipment be a reason for you to skip a session this week.

Movement and mobility hygiene

Each and every morning I go through about 12-20 minutes of movement work before anything else. In a red-light room with something that raises my spiritual/vibrational frequency softly playing in the background. (Yes, use that hdtv/hdmi chord and laptop). In a very basic and grade school way I begin working out my hips and shoulders with natural movement patterns. Loosening the muscles in my calves and quads to encourage blood and lymph flow; warming up the joints in the knees and ankles with squats and lunges. I then carry out similar exercises that promote proper posture and the promotion of further circulation in the shoulder girdle. Warming up is an art form in my mind and it stands the test of energizing and preparing me for the day at hand.

The list I provide is not exhaustive by any means. In many cases deep breathing and simple movement patterns suffice for a “Morning Movement Hygiene” ritual. All you need is a determination to elevate your efforts and the drive to meet your new horizon.

Squats; lunges; calf raises; hip circles; bird dogs; cat & cow; arm circles and shoulder shrugs & circles; scapula contraction; reverse fly; pushups; lateral raise; front raise; Sun salutations A & B.

Isometric holds AKA “The No Copout”

The day can get away from us pretty quickly as we may not all be able to manage these work-from-home schedules just yet. That doesn’t mean that we have to abandon our fitness obligations. I see it as the perfect opportunity to turn up the quality while reducing the quantity. Isometric holds hit home thoroughly and I suggest you make them your next mid-morning snack.

Squats; lunges; planks; flexed arm hangs; leg lifts; chattaranga dandasana; hand/headstands

All of these exercises can be held in a stationary, non-active position. The intensity and effectiveness can be maximized through time under tension, time of recovery between each set and the efficiency of the tension you put through your body into the ground. Isometric exercises are a great way to get some variety into your cardiovascular training as well so if you can’t muster up a walk you can actually stand in place and make quite an impact on your quality of life.

 Hold your chosen exercise for 30 seconds and then march or high step in place or around your place for 30 seconds.

 You will not only feel the rush of endorphins under this new stress but you will feel the gains in strength if you sustain this in your life 3x a week. Utilize isometric exercises to build stability and strength.

Tabata approach

For the go getters looking to substitute their hard-hitting big box gym days I have something so simple to implement and so effective that you will be taking this with you to the gym post-pandemic life. Here we have time under tension and time for recovery easily mapped out for us in a 2:1 ratio. It is easy to compile a complete circuit of Tabata flows too. You can cycle it in two ways:

  1. Have four exercises that you will perform for 30 seconds and rest for 15 seconds. Complete the first exercise and move to the next after your 15 second break. Rotate through all of the exercises and take 90 second recovery period and cycle through again
  2. The other way you could complete this workout and reap its massive benefits is through completing all four rounds of each exercise, then taking the 90 second rest and moving into the next exercise to complete its four rounds.

If it was any more difficult to explain than this you would need even more motivation to begin harnessing your healthiest potential. Be great and stay elevated.

No matter what: Love your skin and what’s within. Stay peaceful tribe.



Homefront H.I.I.T. Amidst a Pandemic

Yes indeed, we are all feeling the effects of being indoors more often than usual. It is important to understand that movement is one of the best medicines we can implement. It has a vast array of positive affects on the immune system. In times where health and infection are in the forefront of the mind, we must harness and wield our personal power over our life. I am here to provide you some of the most simple and applicable advice you may receive in this pandemic. And, the best part is, it’s FREE. Are you ready to elevate?

First up is for those with all that pent-up energy going to st-st-stir crazy!

Pushups and Sprints:

The pressing/pushing motion is so natural to our shoulder-elbow-wrist combination and like any other skill and ability, it must not be taken for granted. The pushup is very beneficial as it is a highly integrated movement meaning it utilizes various muscle groups rather than targeting a single link in the chain. Now if you have not mastered the pushup, but you want this as apart of your hybrid workout, then modifications for this classic move are numerous.

One can always start on their knees. Even if you have difficulty getting up and down off the floor, you can do your sets from the wall. Now you may be thinking, “Zeke, how can I do sprints if I can barely get up and down off the ground?” The answer is simple and it will never change: Your level is your level and your program is your program. So, my modified pushup and sprints may be with my feet elevated and a run distance of 50 yards, whereas you or your elderly parents may have restrictions for movement. So, you may be doing wall pushups of a much lower rep range and marching in place. Your immune system benefits may outpace mine even if my workout appears more intense on paper. That is the truth!

 The key is setting your goals and outlining your program:

  1. Reps for the pressing strength phase
  2. Style of run/distance
  3. Time of recovery
  4. Number of rounds

Hill or Stair Intervals:

For my faithful walkers who are looking for some variety in their routes or routines, these hill intervals are surprisingly energizing. Find an incline that will challenge you and simply set a level of intensity and number of rounds you intend to complete. How easy is that? Someone already leveled and paved the hill. The stairs have just been standing there… You just have to get eyes on the locations and place your feet on the path–up and back down.

The major benefits will come from focusing in with true intention on your posture, stabilize your lower core through active engagement and finally, but most importantly, control your breathing. Deep and steady oxygen delivery is key because after all, we are engaging in an aerobic activity. This is all about breathing efficacy and the transference of that energy to our working muscles. If the directions were any more detailed it would become a difficult task to implement. So, get out there and get to steppin’.

Mtn Climbers and Squats

Another one for those looking to channel that higher storage of energy is one of my favorites paired with another fond flow. Notice how the flow of the exercises we are pairing are full body movements. This increases their efficiency and draws a more natural Hueman movement into our programs. This workout can be done at any intensity. 70%-90%; by time; by rep range. It gets right down to business: Core, legs, shoulder girdle.

None of these need any equipment or any workout partner. The most minimal skills will be necessary for these movements. Think of how seamlessly a toddler moves from the ground to standing or when a child breaks into a sprint. No need of any fancy gadgets to track your pace or progress. Just your dedication to get moving. Now elevate!


Hueman Infusions: Pumpkin Maca Latte

The surprise and shock I got when I found out that pumpkin was a valued staple in the Asian Heritage Diet was nothing to the thrill of universal synchronicity when I uncovered the roots of the elements of pumpkin spice. https://oldwayspt.org/system/files/atoms/files/ASIAN-CommonFoods.pdf It is my great pleasure to rock your world and let you know that that amazing autumn-winter latte we crave and enjoy so much has origins of the orient. Cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, clove all have firm indigenous roots in Asia. Indonesia, Vietnam, china and Singapore just to name a few places these spices are known for cultivation. As always, my goal is to inspire through insightful education and applicable knowledge.

The pumpkin itself carries immense nutrient benefits. That rich orange hue denotes it is rich in carotenoids and vitamin A. A natural sweet and slightly savory flavor compound depending on the type of pumpkin, its ripeness, and the form you have procured (fresh, frozen, canned). The difference when using whole-organic-unprocessed foods is that you are going to consume the full available nutrient profile. So, in contrast to the shots/pumps of pumpkin spice extract syrup you are actually getting the Vitamin A & C as well as vital dietary fiber. Plus, to sweeten this rich sip we will use a low glycemic sweetener, as brown coconut sugar.

By mixing your own pumpkin pie spice you are not only setting yourself up for the season of sipping but you will again be in control of your ingredients and there are few things more empowering than being in complete control of your food to the best of your capacity. With your spice mix you not only can make a pie and a latte but you can infuse your pour over grounds as we have in the past. I am hoping to make something so delicious, more nutritious and accessible to you and your tribe. The Pumpkin Maca Latte will be great replacement to Boon if you are not a fan of Boona. The maca will provide a steady and sustained energy boost to your day and will help you cope with the stresses of life as a Hueman through its powerful adaptogenic properties.

The Products

For the Spice mix you will need to combine the following all organic dried spices-

  • 3 tablespoons of cinnamon
  • 2 teaspoons of nutmeg
  • 2 teaspoons of ginger
  • 1 teaspoon of cloves
  • 1 teaspoon of allspice

For the pumpkin maca latte you will need all organic and ethically/locally sourced ingredients

  • ¼ cup of pureed pumpkin from, preferably, a small pumpkin which is roasted, cooled, mashed and ran through and mesh strainer
  • 6 oz of plant-based milk or full fat non homogenized grass-fed milk like https://www.pureeiredairy.com/
  • 1 tbs of a healthy fat: cold pressed red palm kernel oil (Which aids in the beautiful rich orange hue)/coconut oil/MCT oil/Ghee/coconut cream or manna
  • 1 tsp pumpkin pie spice & maca powder
  • 1-2 tsp of coconut sugar
  • Sprinkle of sea salt and cinnamon after blended and poured
  • Optional 1 tsp almond extract

The Process

For our pour over pleasure seekers this is certainly a rich and satisfying brew. The almond adds just enough of the nuttiness you would want in a pie crust; the pumpkin spice easily folds into the grounds and depending on the sourcing of your coffee (If it was pre-ground to a drip standard) it will help balance the bloom stage so that your water does not just fall through the cone. The fragrance is potent and captivating.

  • Place filter in Chemex and rinse with the hot kettle water
  • Add ½ the coffee and then your pumpkin spice and then add the rest of your coffee (If the coffee is properly ground to pour over status for that particular bean just ½ tsp will be enough to create a true effect. The extra pumpkin spice is added with the pre ground coffee to balance the process)
  • Roll the grounds and spice around to incorporate. The final product should look fully and evenly blended.
  • Add 1 tsp of the almond extract directly in the middle
  • Begin the natural process of pour over

For our Pumpkin Maca Latte we will need a sauce pan and preferably a blender to emulsify everything. Never fret my minimalist friends, a whisk will work just fine to make a frothy concoction.

  1. Heat your plant-based milk in a sauce pan with your healthy fats (save the coconut cream or manna for blending the stage). By heating the fats now, you make the blending process smoother (no pun intended) later
  2. Once the temperature comes up in the liquids add the maca and pumpkin spice and whisk (add ½ tsp almond oil now if going to)
  3. Place coconut cream into the blender with choice amount of brown coconut sugar, pour over the steaming milk and blend on medium to medium-high speeds until the fats and the milk are singular.
  4. Pour into your favorite autumn mug and drink your heart out.

This is the conclusion of our Asian Heritage Month and I pray you have found knowledge, inspiration and empowerment through all that has been shared. From Ramen to curry we covered quite a bit. I look forward to the upcoming spotlights of the Mediterranean again. Until then stay peaceful and remain vigilant! Love your skin and what’s within.


Staying Internally Balanced Begins with Our Hydration

Fluid balance

To remain well-hydrated one must actively be aware of their total fluid balance. Yes, water is important. Indeed sodium is important. But how much am I supposed to take in and when? Or what about potassium? Having well-hydrated cells allows them to communicate and respirate effectively, provides lubrication and cushioning of vital systems from violent impacts and assists in the transportation of toxins. Without the right amount of vital minerals and water intake, we are not able to maintain a stable electrochemical gradient. Nerve and cardiac function are supremely dependent on this communication platform to work properly at all times. With Clean water, sodium, potassium and magnesium all working in concert we can expect our body to have the ability to perform at its peak potential.

It is true that performance nutrition and hydration will vary from individual to individual depending on their sport. We today will be focusing on overall hydration awareness and practices for general fitness. The first fact we must take heed of is that our fluid intake does not only come in the liquid form. In actuality, about one-third of our daily fluid intake is owed to the food we eat. This is why it is important to choose organic, local produce that is lush and vibrant. Bright and bold colors denote phytonutrients and health beneficial properties like antioxidants. Berries, apples, lettuce and cucumber are all very hydrating foods we should be eating daily. They assist our natural fluid balance, they taste good and they provide a boost to our enzymatic activity. From our foods, we should be able to capture about a liter of our daily fluids. So choose wisely because the holistic effect of a bowl of berries, spinach and tomato will be exponentially better for you than that bag of potato chips and a soda. With these natural food sources of fluid we are also able to get our mineral and vitamin levels stabilized. For example, spinach is rich in magnesium which is a key factor in our muscular activity and ion transport.

When we do reach for our bottles of water we need to be very stringent about its sourcing. We in the west have been subjected to a water system that is outdated and tainted. Natural artesian spring water is going to be the fountain of youth and pinnacle of fluids you could consume. This is water the way we were designed to ingest it. Fully purified through the earth and brought back up through pristine taps. (I was just in the Coconino and filled some bottles earlier this month). The water we drink is nothing less than the cells we will become. If we are taking in low-quality fluoride-rich tap water we will become toxic on a cellular level. That toxicity will initiate a state of inflammation which is, in essence, the body simply stating, “there is something foreign in us and we need to get it out”, so it reacts and deploys countermeasures (like swelling and GI tract irritation or malfunction, infection and illness) so that at worst you don’t die. That is simply how the body works. What can we do to ensure that things still operate under the current conditions internally and externally? True, bad water may not show up as the leading cause of all the ailments we see in a society that drives health insurance premiums through the roof but it is a bad base factor not being addressed at mass outside of the bottled water marketing arena. With clean and naturally structured water we can expect our cellular function to remain stable and natural. There are more wells than you think and you may just live closer to an artesian well than you could have ever imagined.

Now that we have covered which water is meant for drinking we still need to cover what the right amount is. Two liters for normal, proper cellular and GI tract function is recommended. This is the minimum as it depends on the food portion of the diet to deliver the remaining fluid and mineral needs. That really breaks down to right around the eight cups a day rule of thumb. So in a perfect scenario, we would be consuming on a daily basis about 12oz of water when we first wake up and a liter of water throughout the rest of the day. By drinking 12oz of water about 10-15 minutes before your two meals or 6oz before and after you are able to meet those specific demands of liquids needed for your daily requirement. So it really is not very difficult to achieve proper fluid balance if you are conscious about what and where you get your fluids.

If it is difficult for someone to acquire their fluid balance through food directly then it would be advisable to supplement their mineral intake and increase their clean water consumption. Naturally forming sea salts like Himalayan and or truffle are potent mineral sources that will provide a boost to our liquid fluid intake in the way they replenish our electrolytes. Our electrical signaling capability comes from sodium, potassium, and magnesium. It is key to replace those daily by whatever sustainable means are available to us. Our brain, organ and respiratory function all rely heavily on this process. 

The process remaining adequately hydrated is fairly straight forward. Our diet must deliver the nutrients and minerals necessary for fluid balance. We have to actively be aware that our hydration comes from the foods we eat and the liquids we drink. There are many factors that go into how hydrated we are at any point in the day like the amount of sugar we ingest or the salty snacks we eat; how active we are; regional temperature and humidity; sun exposure; perspiration rate (amount of electrolytes we lose per hour/amount of sweat glands we have/the size of our sweat glands). All of those individual variances require individual assessment and strategy. The weight of the anchor is straight forward: To have awareness and control of your fluid balance is to be supremely hydrated.


Core Check & Check In

Top Tier Greetings,

Long time hailing from the PNW with a drive to achieve the best in the moment. Being a healthy hueman can appear overwhelming these days. However, I am an avid believer of bettering my baselines with the basics. Sure, we could go into some fresh and trending workouts to get your power output up, but with lack of form comes injury. My philosophy is: Become your best self through conscious building. Breathing.  Movement. Stability. Strength. Flexibility. Endurance. My architectural blueprints are directly aligned in each of these elements of physical capability. Ase-Zulu Camps are all about driving toward the “North Star” goal with the best energy available. We exude positive vibrations only when our groups ascend to the higher planes of physical exertion.  I am Zulu Zeke Khali a.k.a. Thee Healthy Hueman and when I’m around, we are going to blitz the basics. At 30 years of age I am investing in the functionality of my 98-year-old self. I am focusing on my “North Star” goal while in the trenches of the day-to-day grind just like you. What guiding light will you hold fast to when the mud gets thick and no finish line is in sight?

Peace & Blessings,

Z.Y. Khali